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My Story by Kathy Gold

There Is No Welfare For Me

I have no kids. I don't qualify. Been there and done that.

There are no government programs to help a woman like me. I've already checked.

Years ago while crossing the wall of fire lol.That deptartment already has my photo id lol, down in Panorama City lol.

I'm also not disabled. No disability.

I can work, nobody will hire me for a paycheck, discrimination, Scientology, google.

I've already tried all avenues. But hey maybe after I'm dead, maybe new government programs will happen lol or not.

That is your journey to find out. Your journey to walk. Oh well lol

And remember by the time you are ready to walk it, Social Security might not be there for you or any other government programs lol.

But keep doing what you are doing lol Cause obviously it's working for you, I'm not you lol

That's right, for a single non married woman with no kids, no family, nobody, no government programs exist in Los Angeles County.

I guess they assumed, somebody else would take care of it, like a man lol cause I'm a woman lol

When I was in communication with my mother by DNA, not a scientologist lol, I disconnected from her because she refused to own up to what she and her husband did to me back in 1998.

The advice she gave to me a few years ago was, go on disability. I told her, I wasn't disabled, that would be criminal, lying. Disability is for people who can't work. I can work, nobody will hire me because of my religion, discrimination.

Once your parents by DNA throw you under a bus for money, out clause. Feel free to throw them under a bus too. Put their crimes in present time as well as down the wholetrack out online. It's ok, free speech.

No honoring parents who fucked you over. They are in lower conditions and will stay that way for all eternity lol. They're choice, their decision.

Lesson Learned for me. Trust no one, they will kill you off in present time. Look at my example. I was a nice person, did good all my life and got thrown under a bus. I got my gift, my present, cause over my exteriorization. Target 3, here I come. Woohoo!!!!! I'm stoked. I'm outta here.

Update October 29, 2013

I'm now in comm with my mother by DNA and we've moved past what occurred in 1998. It's called communication, my mother now gets and understands that, I'm an artist and I'm just expressing my feelings. I also went wholetrack on my mother while doing this process, I reached out to her for help and she didn't blow me off nor throw me under a bus, she never got my email. She was my mother in this life, the life prior to this one. I've had some great cognitions. My mother is also a cop too, like me. Not a criminal. In that life, both my father and mother were cops, on the force, my dad was what else, Chief of Police or close to it. We were all betrayed on the force, all 4 of us. There was corruption, so we all left, while we all survived, I didn't get my middle class heaven, kids and family.

So I serv faced on everybody including Jett and said fuck it, I'm outta here, I'm getting my middle class heaven with an animal that saved my life. That was the postulate I made. I got screwed that life. Everybody got what they wanted but me. I was last on the list. Of course my father came first.

I wasn't a meter maid ok, I did odd jobs like rescue operations, that's how I met my mother from this life she was a politician and her plane went down. I had to rescue her, but in doing so, I had to take out her aids, it was that or she would have died and she was a politician. My job was to save her at all costs and I did. Snake Plesskin but not, on payroll, not contract. I saved alot of politicians, that was my job. I got in and got them out.

Updated November 20, 2013

In this life, my snake plesskin game on payroll, there was more then one planet and on each planet, there were sections, that their plane had to fly over. The police force was huge. The original policy of the police/security was that they board the planes with the politicians, the force got tired of our people dying, there was alot of criminality, aids were doing inside jobs, were found to be the causes of the planes going down, they had more then one reason, but mainly money. So new policy was put into place so our people wouldn't die. That policy was if the politician made it between that red zoned area, security would meet them before and after. If their plane went down, we'd send in rescue ops to get that politician out. This was also to deter criminal behavior and criminal activities of the aids in regards to the safety of the polticians, like being held hostage etc etc. I was on that team for rescue ops, that's how I met my husband, he was too. It was a one man operation. My job to get in and out with the politician. I had a great rep, nobody died on my watch. After awhile my name got passed around and I was on a list. Top dog, for my area, I was called on first. My father and mom were very proud of me. So was my husband. He didn't care that I was top dog in my field. He never felt overshadowed, he felt honored, he knew if he ever went missing, I'd go in and find him and get him home. And visa versa.

The stats on the planes going down was 2-3 a week.

In each sector there was a top dog, we were all on a list, we were to be called first and if we were busy, then the next name was called and so on. Our team was aces. I also met my dad for next life that way, he was a politician and my family tree for next life.

Jett, well, he wasn't ready to stop playing his game, he loved his game. While I went into middle class heaven he went back to play his game, but on contract, not payroll.

We weren't the only married couple on the force that was on the same team nor was I the only female. There were other females too. Of course not as good as me, but hey, they broke the mold when they made me LMAO.

Updated March 8, 2014

When my family immigrated to this country, both my mother and father by DNA signed a piece of paper, that they would not go on welfare. They both honored their agreement. They got no help from any Government programs. They were not allowed, because they were not born here.

So, while people illegally immigrated here and went on welfare, my parents who legally immigrated here were not allowed. My parents were penalized for not breaking the law. Yet they both had to pay taxes into this system and of course me. It's a fucked up system, out exchange with the taxpayer.

Don't think I didn't see the news reports, Mexico and their pamplets, come here to the USA, get pregnant and get welfare, Free Money c/o fo the USA taxpayer. That gravy train has run out.

This is the society I grew up in. Penalizing people who don't break the law and rewarding people who do. It's a fucked up society. Next life, there won't be this bullshit. We will control it all. Not criminals who only give a shit about money and not human life. Who lie, and stab people in the back for anything LMAO.  As the Rockefellers and their agenda worked, who cares LMAO they are all fucked, their souls will go into this rock for 1 billion years, population control has it's price, to cut procreation and make money off of it, billions, is not only morally wrong but evil. They stole the bic pen from the Hungarian people and then patented it here and never paid any money, for that invention. That's wrong too. Stealing is a crime. And of course, stifled the electric car industry, for what else, money. They assumed they would be out of business, oil. Easier to fuck up the environment, pollution and make bank then to actually do the right thing. Their logic, not mine. If they didn't stifle electric cars, we'd have fresh air to breath, way less pollution and of course a different car industry, one that is thriving not surviving.

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