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My Story by Kathy Gold

Sexual Rise

I don't get a sexual rise from the following, doing or thinking about:, both.

Abusing children

Sexually abusing children

Cheating on my 2d




Pain & Sex

Pain, causing of

Pain, receiving of


To most men and women I'm boring. To my soulmate this life, I'm normal, fine just the way I am and he doesn't want me to change. He doesn't think I need psych drugs to convert conform to this logic or fit into society.

For the people that do get a sexual rise from the above, I suggest you find a man or woman that does, you'll be compatible with, or a fit. Or put your wife or husband on psych drugs so they will convert, conform to this logic and you can have a relationship with them. Have them change to be like you. Sure most likely they'll go crazy and go off the rails but who cares right, after you are done using them, you can find another person to fill their shoes or a replacement.

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