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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Documentation

My biz card etc when I owned Digital Gold

Letters of Recommendation when I owned my own company Digital Gold

After Digital Gold, where I worked, Euro Teezer is my mother's company

Letter To Tom Cruise's Attorney

My Sea Org Cert

Letter From Dan Stradford my volunteer minister

My Letter Of Recommendation from the 2nd Scientologist I worked for:

My Arrest in August 28, 2009

My Correspondence with the LAPD in regards to 1998 and not receiving the police report even though I paid them

My Cert after I was approved to come back on lines - I only got this one cert, they never sent me the other ones

The Correspondence with the ACLU

I also have food allergies, I wasn't aware of until 2007, I had to take a health journey, I'm allergic to egg whites, soy and wheat (gluten) I had blood tests by a doctor.

I also documented my ACLU journey, actually all my journeys along the way,
you can view the photos section regarding all the people I reached out to along with my letter's sent directly to David Miscavige himself.

My personal mypsace
Including OSA ops done online etc

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