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My Story by Kathy Gold

My OT Wins

I took a journey in 2008 to find my soulmate, aka my wholetrack 2d, in doing that I found the real me.

In Scientology, finding your soulmate is called your wholetrack 2d, the other spiritual being that is like you of the opposite sex. It's basically, that being that you play with lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, just different games, different professions, but you play together as a team.

Some lifetimes, you take a break lol from each other lol and be with another person, we call it having a 2d in present time lol.

But for the most part, it's your soulmate that you play with lifetime after lifetime. For some, that's boring, for others like me, it's not. We are happy with just our soulmates..

They used to have the double rings, that signifies you have met your soulmate aka wholetrack 2d. Single rings signify, just some guy or girl you wanna spend the rest of your life with to have a 2d.

I found out, my soulmate aka wholetrack 2d is not here, he left a long time ago lol. He's on target 3, playing already. After I die this life, I'm outta here as well, I'll hook up with him on target 3.

As for the 2d this life, I've ended cycle on that. I don't trust any men, none take any responsibility for their communication or actions. Not worthy of trust. I'm not interested. I'll stay celibate for the rest of my life.

Not interested in getting involved emotionally with any man ever again this life.

After finding out the truth, how mankind really is towards each other, even people who call themselves scientologists, I'm not interested in getting involved. My soulmate aka wholetrack 2d is the one person I know in my heart and soul, I could count on, he would never let me die and is worthy of trust.

He is someone I would trust with my life. The rest of these guys, they're just like Jon Mackinder including David Miscavige et al. They are all the same, users. They just use people and don't value human life.

They only value money. To these people, human life is expendable. I value human life, even 1 child is important, that child can grow up to make this world a better place.

My 2d is cut, meaning I can't have children, my period stopped, I'm infertile. I'm also 45. I am not married and have no children. I will die alone this life.

This was the product of my mother by DNA, she is an SP, she doesn't believe in god, hates religion and believes she's an animal, that she does not have a soul.

What my mother did to me, I would have never done to my own child.

The good news, it's ok cause when she fucked me, she fucked herself. She has no grandchildren, nobody will take care of her.

She killed off my father in present time and she killed me off. My father is dead, he died in 1980/81, I found out in 2007. She has no future by her dna. She'll have to go into an old folks home cause nobody is going to care for her.

I'm disconnected from her, by choice. This woman never gave a fuck about me, her whole life and just lies. She's 1.1 on the tone scale, meaning manipulative. She's crazy, insane. I got to experience my mother's betrayal, witness it.

It was easier to disconnect from her. As a last life clear, you have no charge, no upset, so you forget, and you let things go. But now. it's a reminder lol And the best news of all, next life I get to choose my mother lol No more 1.1 mothers ever again.

From here on out, my mom's will be really good people not SP's. It's hard to confront that your own mom by DNA hates you for more than one reason and it has nothing to do with you, but it's her and her baggage and she will never change, she will never take responsiblity or accountability for her actions meaning own up to it.

My mother by DNA doesn't value human life either, she only values money. She puts money ahead of human life. This was the kind of mother I got this life, but next life, I'll have a great mom, one who really loves me.

My mother this life is a user. She just used me because she could because of DNA. She will find out the hard way, when one day, she'll need my help or want something from me and I won't be there to help her.

And my mom next life will actually wear the hat of a mom, I won't have to wear it, all my life since I've been little, I've had to wear that hat. I never got to be a real kid, I had to take responsiblity for her, this was even before Scientology. It feels great not having to worry about her or put her ethics in.

She was very unethical, she would always tell me I was stupid because I was honest and I didn't lie to people.. She would advise me to lie and play head games, she would say don't tell people that, you can't say that etc etc everything with her was a withhold, don't communicate, withhold that, withhold this, I thought that was odd. I don't believe in lying to people to get ahead or in a relationship, it's not me, it's not who I am. It made me feel out of valence. and I'll never ever have her for a mother or in my life ever again, for all eternity.

This life I'm just an artist, a web and print person lol. But I'm really one of the good guys, I love to fight evil. Actually take them out of the game and get paid for it. lol

Updated September 16, 2012

In the end, it's all ok, it really is. I won't be facing the problems everybody else will in middle class heaven, more pain, sorrow over the children for not taking psych drugs, more death at the hands of psychs and psych drugs, if they survive, no more babies, gmo, and eventually there will be no more oil, so you see, I really did win. I never made the papers, that's ok too, after all I'm the Real Countess Krak, it's like I was never here, nobody will ever know, well at least not the general population, mainstream lol hee hee, the only game to play in middle class heaven LMAO

More coming soon when I feel like it.

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