What Scientology For You is About What Scientology For You is not about My Story by Kathy Gold

This is my story and what happened to me.

I found Scientology in 1985, I had a cognition that somewhere on this planet I could find the true data about past lives, the next day, I got a job working as a receptionist for a bunch of OT's. The first book I read was Have You Lived Before This Life

I knew instantly this was the religion for me.

My Story in short format Warning, It's not pretty. I almost died.

I doubt I will get sponsorship as nobody was interested

Not Oprah, I sent her an email
Not Catholic Networks sent emails
Not The Indians including Blackfeet Tribes, sent emails
Not Big Pharma sent emails and proposals
And everybody else I submitted a proposal too.

But in case if you are wondering for Stats, the public is below

The word Scientology is globally searched 823,000, the word Psychiatry 3,350,000 and the word Psychology is searched 11,100,000 combine those three together that's over 15 million searches alone per month. After this planet, there won't be Psychiatry or Scientology ever again. Psychiatry and Scientology belong in implant stations, jail not medical. We will only have Psychology for mainstream, the general public.

What happened to me can not be addressed in a controlled environment, many variables, more than a 1000, including a combination of variables so x that by 10,000. Sometimes drugs can't solve the problem. I am the only known survivor of crossing the wall of fire in my religion. Meaning, here to talk about it. Everybody else, died like Lisa Mcpherson or split planet earth target 1.

So, I'm getting the general public, mainstream, doesn't care about cause over their exteriorization, that's ok. I'm done with my journey of helping others cross the wall of fire, everybody that needed my help, was here to receive it, I've wrapped up my investigation and I'll see them on target 3, The Jewish Federation, The Fleet. Hip Hip Hooray.

My Adventures So Far

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