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Why Lisa Mcpherson Really Died, The Truth

Why Lisa really died, Alain B. Kartuzinski, he was her C/S, he left his post in the ivory tower and went into her room, under no circumstances is the C/S ever suppose to leave that ivory tower, he fucked her in her meltdown. Ok, he broke alot of fuckin rules.

David Miscavige said in the PR that all tech staff involved, their certs were cancelled and they were fired, kicked to the curb, including Alain B. Kartuzinski. But that was a lie, per Amy Scobee (it's in her book), she ran into him on the RPF and he spilled the beans, that he signed a $10 million dollar bond not to speak out to anybody about what he knew about the Lisa Mcpherson cycle and then shipped off to the RPF until he died.

Lisa Mcpherson had an out 2d history, she had an out 2d with Lance Imbergia when she was married in the Sea Org, that's why they both left the sea org.

Marty Rathbun also destroyed logs that referred to some sexual shit of Lisa's, per him he was protecting her reputation. Why would he protect her reputation, a woman he didn't know, he wasn't, he was covering his ass.

The right thing would have been to route Alain B. Kartuzinski to the police, instruct him to do the right thing, tell the truth to the police, have him go to jail for sexual molestation of a pre clear in his care. Her aunt could have sued him for her death, but she didn't give a fuck about Lisa either and was going for money so she would have sued the church anyway regardless. But then David Miscavige could have used Alain B. Kartuzinski's testimony in that case to show, look in psych hospitals this happens every day and has been happening for 70-80 years now all over the US. This is one woman compared to 10's of thousands of people, both men and women. He could have done the effective blow to the enemy he was pretending to be a part of, you know the liability formula but instead, sweep sweep under the rug.

On a weird note, Alain B. Kartuzinski's ex wife was my FSM right before my induced meltdown, what are the odds?

As for Lisa Mcpherson goes, Int management including David Miscavige, Michelle Shelly Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder all let her down.

She trusted them to help her too. She asked for an auditor. She never got one. It states in the PTS/SP course, regarding a type 3 meltdown, take the person out of the environment and let them chill out and then audit them. She wanted to get her o/w's off, down the track ok. But nobody followed standard tech, applied my religion Scientology.

Don Jason was having an affair, the CO of Flag, he was too busy getting laid to put any ethics into that organization.

Marty Rathbun was too busy being right than to actually put ethics in, btw Marty Rathbun didn't wear his ring, he was a married man, IG Ethics, He also admitted to Mosey his new wife that he went out 2d on Anne Rathbun.

David Miscavige has gone out 2d on his wife Michelle Shelly Miscavige with Jenny Linson, Tom Devocht's ex wife. I'm sure he's been paid off by now, cause he zipped it. He chimed in on Marty's blog to let everybody know he had the dirt, he was gonna release it slowly lol right , he took money to zip it.

Here's my take on Lisa Mcpherson, after she attested to clear at Flag, she was happy, like Marty said, she went into glee, she was exterior to her body, 3 feet in back of her head, finally an acknowledgement.

Just at that time, in that moment of time, he walks in, she sees him, he sees her, she spotted him, then introverted, either she fucked him too in present time or down the wholetrack and her out 2d shit in present time keyed in her case, missed withhold, automatic introversion, computations etc etc. Standard textbook. Or in other words, the short version, non tech talk, she hit implants and couldn't come out of it.

Remember, Lisa Mcpherson was in the Sea Org too.

Just like that woman Barbara Schwarz, she spotted Marty Rathbun too, somewhere her and Marty in another life had a 2d. He's like oh no we didn't lol She's not my type please lol. And she wouldn't take no for an answer ok. Hence the insanity and not applying Scientology. Barbara should stop being on OSA's payroll and move on with her life. Find another guy.

Out 2d all over the fuckin place, these are the 2 policies that were out and haven't gone back in

David Miscavige, or COB said he knew her case, that means, he spotted her down the wholetrack, he had a 2d with her in a past life. I have no idea if Lisa and him went out 2d or if she flowed him flows or he flowed her flows, meaning flirting on that level. Which is an out 2d because he's married.

So out KSW, they are all accomplices of a crime that occurred that caused her death. Laws of the Land, Way To Happiness.

And on a personal note, I knew her personally. I hired her at Hanover to be my junior. She stabbed me in the back. She came in with the intention of taking my job.

I had a department that I took from a 2 person department and expanded the area into a 20 person department. While me and my crew, both scientologists and non scientologists were working our ass off, she was down in escrow writing KR's about me, reports ok.

My arch nemesis Mariza, called me and told me ok. I found out later when Tony Rockliff the Ethics officer or Human resources guy, pulled me into ethics or human resources. He told me, she gave them an ultimatum, either they fire me and give her my job or she would leave.

Tony was like ok, whatever, lol we both had a nice laugh at that when he told me ok. My stats were up, highest evers, gimme me a fuckin break.

So, she didn't get what she wanted, she quit. But before she left, she did her conditions liability formula, like a fuckin robot ok, her heart was not into it, she just did it to keep her reputation intact, her pr lol. She came up to me and said, I'm sorry. I was like you're sorry, you stabbed me in the back and you are sorry. Ok. And that was it.

She never did amends to me personally meaning taking responsibility and accountability for stabbing me in the back, that move was 1.1. I gave her the fuckin job to help her and she acted like she was doing me a fuckin favor ok.

So she leaves, and blows to Texas. The next thing I know she's dead. She didn't deserve to die ok at some point she could have had a cognition, a lightbulb and decided to go make her wrong a right, meaning her wronging me at Hanover and owning up to it, responsibility and accountability for her behavior, her actions of not producing on post but instead going down to escrow and writing reports about me all fuckin day long on the companies dime or RPEC, Repair of Past Ethics Conditions. She was a salaried employee, she should have been working, contributing to her team, her department, her group that she was a part of instead of writing false reports.

She'll never get that chance, she's dead. Amends are for her benefit, not mine. It's so she could come up the conditions, not stay in lowers. As scientologists we allow someone within our community to make a wrong a right so that they can have relief. We don't forgive or forget a bad act, we allow them to own it, step up to the plate and make it right, then we move on.

Even if we were never gonna be friends ever again, so what, that's not the point, the point is, as scientologists we could see each other, run into each other and know she's not talking shit behind my back or third party and neither am I and maybe at some point we could have a drink and have a good laugh.

Not that big of a fuckin deal but nobody in this community takes any fuckin responsibility and accountability for their actions, they just blow and act like they don't fuckin know. Or It wasn't me.

Btw, the indictment for Lisa's murder came in on November 13, 1998

Updated 7/19/2012

Lisa died in 1995, Alexander Jentzsch got raped by a female pedafile in 1996

She isn't the only exception to the rule:

Update 7/30/2012

Lisa was trying to figure out her case, her past lives and her words were taken out of context

She said, “I am LRH and I didn’t confront it because I didn’t confront that power.” She was just trying to figure it out, like everybody else. It's too bad cause had they applied standard tech, Scientology, she would still be alive.

The rest that are not trained, not hatted in my religion read into it and said, she's crazy. You assumed, you never did a proper investigation just like Tobin and Childs and only saw what you wanted to see.

You weren't there, you didn't experience what Lisa experienced. Crossing the wall of fire is a very spiritual thing, you'll only survive if your ethics are in. Money has nothing to do with your soul. The only way, you will have cause over your exteriorization is by crossing the wall of fire, whether you do it before you die or while you are dying. Only you, know yourself better than anyone else.

Updated October 13, 2012

David Miscavige played the aberrated 2d game with Lisa Mcpherson, the chase. That's an out 2d, he is married to his wife Shelly or cheating without cheating, it violates their marriage agreement. After she died, he really didn't care, he never cared about Lisa, he was just using her, like everybody else.

She ran ops for him for the Cult Awarness Network, but why investigate every part of her life? For her to go in there, pretend she wanted to work there and get some dox or information? Why would you spend that much money, church parishoner money to hire private investigators to find out everything about her life? Exactly, people do corporate espionage everyday and don't get this kind of treatment ok. Like he said, he knew her case, his past lives with her and based on Lisa's current 2d history, or out 2d history, she was game. Mob was her type, look at Lance Imbergia*280.jpg?v=2 he's the guy in the blue shirt. His mock up, his look, just like David Miscavige's, same hair, same suits, same cufflinks etc etc David Miscavige just has blond hair. Mob guys wet her whistle and she got a thrill of knowing David Miscavige was personally investigating her, he took a personal interest in her. She wasn't that innocent, but she didn't deserve to die under his care and his watch. She put her trust into him and she died. Learn from her mistake, if you want to play the abberrated 2d game, the chase, don't do it with him or these people.

But me, he never took any personal interest in, I spiked the stats at Bridge publications, he was too busy to meet me, a Jew, he's a racist hater. Lisa wasn't Jewish. I am. I never saw this on TV, I'm sure Lisa Mcpherson did and she just knew. I saw this guy from the events Sea Org, the Fleet. I saw him from a distance and went, I really like his comm, his comm cycle, he seemed, direct, overt and honest, worthy of trust, but in reality, he's not, it's all PR. As his parishoner, he let me down along with his management team at that time.

There is nothing wrong with looking for your soulmate, or having the feeling of wanting to find him or her, it's natural and normal. I have no regrets on my journeys, it was an eye opening experience, to learn the truth, the real truth. I see David Miscavige in a different light now, this is who he is, I've accepted that fact and have moved on. But my story, my side is here for the whole world to see. I have nothing to hide, I'm not a criminal.

There won't be any court for me as the statue of limitations has run out, nobody helped me. Outside of court, he won't do anything. He won't pay restitution or take any responsibility or accountability, even though he has the money he's personally worth $50 million dollars, his church has liquid assets of $1 billion dollars, yet he won't pay any restitution which is acceptible in this society. His hand is not broken.

There is no recourse for me, a victim of a real crime. I have no options in this society other than go on psych drugs or move on with my life. This is the society we live in today. I refuse to take psych drugs based on my religious beliefs and I'm not mentally ill. So just know, in the future if this happened to other women, or men, just know, I had nothing to do with it. Will it happen again? I'm sure it will and I'm sure it's already happened, you just don't know about it.

Someday, my video tapes will come to light, hopefully I will still be alive. If not, I'll be long gone, target 3, the fleet. I have no regrets, some things, money can't buy, it's called your soul. I have obtained my spiritual freedom, from my own journeys. For David Miscavige and his management team's crimes, in present time, this life, they are screwed, their souls will be infused and en-tombed for 1 billion years, so in the end, I really did win.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

David Miscavige spent $30-40 million of parishoner's hard earned money to smooze this case or cover his ass. Boy, had he just applied my religion, it would have saved him a whole lotta money. She'd still be alive.

And this Judge, didn't bite, she had her ethics in.

Updated Sunday, December 9, 2012

They use their own parishoners, what they do is pull people's ethics folders or people who have been barred from going up a bridge for whatever reason and go, hmmm you can do your bridge if you do this action, your amends for your out ethics in present time or down the the wholetrack, pre earth, past lives that you feel guilty about LMAO ok, that's not Scientology, that's manipulation, 1.1 on the tone scale or blackmail and that would be a violation of alot of fuckin rules of this church including it's creed I wonder if that's what they did to Lisa Mcpherson because of her out 2d history, ok Lisa, Mr. Miscavige fancys you, how about for your amends for fucking Lance Imbergia while you were married in the Sea Org, you go run an ops for us by going undercover in the cult awarness network? You are so special, near & dear to his heart, so as a precautionary measure, we don't want to alarm you but Mr. Miscavige has to investigate every facet of your life it's for his protection and ours because without him, we would be nothing, we would crumble as a team and we are not sure you are 100% honest about all the men you have slept with, ok hun. wink wink. if you know what I mean. And Lisa read into it, OMG, he wants to marry me! After that she was hooked my new husband to be LMAO And she formulated a plan, stan, I have to payoff all my debts, get up the bridge while he starts divorce proceedings against Shelly and by the time I'm done with my stuff, he'll be ready for me and I'll be upstat, I'll out do his wife Shelly and look better than her, my PR will be in.

Knowing Lisa, I'm sure that's what was going on in her head, her lighting speed up that bridge and making money at the same time. Her underlining purpose, to go back into the Sea Org and get married to David Miscavige. Remember, she and him have already met, I'm sure sparks flew, past life 2d shit, he knew her case. So really, David Miscavige cheated on Shelly without cheating, it's still a crime within this church but he'll never admit to it, after all, it's his church now.

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