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My Story by Kathy Gold


I'm not worried about someone suing me for talking about my personal experiences, my life, my journey, my path and my religion. 1st Amendment, Free Speech.

If you want to sue me, go ahead, just know up front, I fight back, and when I win, I'll place liens on your home, your assets and I will forclose and kick you to the curb. You'll be paying for my attorney's fees and then my stress etc etc in the countersuit. The double bang. I will put you out of business.

And if the Church of Scientology paid you to sue me, I'll sue them too and put liens on their churches etc etc. I can run ops back too. We can all hire private investigators and get the dirt on you and then fuck you up with it lol. Nobody is off limits. You fuck with me, I'll spin you in so fuckin hard, you'll kill yourself, just to alleviate the fuckin pain. I'm a woman, I can do it better than a man lol. And what a fuckin high it will be lol to fuck all of you up, legally, by the fuckin law assholes. You're fuckin toast.

I don't give a fuck about your case. I'm not your auditor. If you die in the fuckin street, I could give a fuck. This is my journey, not yours.

Not my fuckin problem that you didn't read a book or educate yourself, your hand was not broken, and nobody put a gun to your head and made you not read. You did that, you are responsible for the condition you are in, not me.

The bottomline is, we are leaving and you are not. We have high ethical and moral standards and you don't. Take that up with God. I'm not God. Or go on psych drugs, sue your shrink or psych for fucking you up, for giving you wrong advice, wrong pills, wrong medication. I'm not them.

Btw, if I lost my free speech, so would you and everybody else in the United States.

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