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My Story by Kathy Gold

Kathleen Marie Sutta

My full name is Kathleen Marie Sutta. I prefer people call me Kathy, Kathy Sutta was my name in school. I always hated being called Kathleen, if I could pick my own name it would be Rachel or Simone or Max short for Maxine.

My first name Kathleen means pure and is Irish. Which is weird cause I'm hungarian. But I do have a thing for Irish, Scottish, Celtic Catholic guys. My track, I love Ireland, Scotland that whole region. Beautiful castles near the ocean, the sea. Plus I love the accent, it's hot.

My middle name is Marie which means bitter and it's also hebrew. Which is also weird cause I'm not a bitter person, but I love a good tussle, yummy. And I'm jewish, see target 3.

My last name is Sutta, I don't know what it means other then Sutter Wine that's the closets I've seen. But I'm not related. When I was little, I got picked on in school, in 3rd grade they would call me Sutta Butta, hmmm looking at it now, it sure sounds like Buddha huh, past lives. It makes common sense.

And I'm not worried about identity theft, one my credit is shot to hell so go for it LMAO and 2nd, I already know my social security was used for other immigrants, it was already assigned to other people I'm sure. I read a press release about it.

And yes, I singled myself out early in the game. No confusion for our gov, they have enough people to worry about, like catching the real bad guys. This way, they know exactly who I am. I have nothing to hide, I'm not a criminal.

Plus I'm an artist, I have to be able to freely promote and market my art without the fear of worrying. If I don't promote and market, then no sales. Another win, my comm lines, my flows are open.

When I was working at Mole, I started pulling in men from that area. I first met Mark, he was Scottish but lived in England, in a village, he was also in my line of work, tech, he was a server admin. He was here on vacay, me and my neighbor met him and his bud at the Sagebrush Cantina, we danced that night. He was so sweet. He was younger then me. He was here for a week. We went to the car races, and I slept over at his hotel room. We had sex, intercourse, I was gonna have an O, but at the last minute I was like wait a minute, who are you fucking here cause it ain't me. I dont know you. He had just broken up with his girlfriend but he was so sweet in bed, his flows, I could almost melt into his arms. He was younger then me and had olive skin, brown hair, brown eyes and he was tall. We talked about me going over there. Maybe a relationship, but he didn't honor his agreement, he said he would email and he blew me off. So I sent him an email, expressing my feelings. Ok, that wasn't exactly true, he was traveling and he didn't email me when he said he would. I didn't want to wait. Ok. He emailed me but then the day he was suppose to email me he didn't and that was my first clue, he's playing games. I'm done.

Then there was Gerald, he was Irish, I met him on He was so hot. Had tats, blond hair, blue eyes, he was 5.6 or 5 7 not 6'0 feet. He lived in Laguna Hills. He too was in the internet industry, laptops etc etc. Our first date, we met at the Universal Studios Citywalk. We just hit it off, major chemistry like no tomorrow. He was an arse though as Mark would say. He just kept whining at dinner and was really not interested in our conversation, he kept looking at everybody else and of course my boobs not my eyes. At the end of the night, we were sitting in his truck, big ole white truck, I love trucks, we made out, he wanted to go further but I told him no, I'm not fucking you in this car ok. I put the kabash on it. After that we talked on the phone. He was upset with his ex wife when he lived in Tennessee, when he was married to her, she went on a cruise with her lover and put it on his credit cards, he paid for it LMAO and he was black LMAO She cheated on him and that's how he found out about it. He would just whine up a storm about this. We started stalking each other on Udate, hmmm he just put up new pics, asshole. I get it, fine. We're done LMAO. Well funny part was, there was also another girl, a pregnant girl, he was helping out. Pregnant by somebody else. I suspect he got with her cause of 911.The night before 911, I had this weird feeling, I needed to express my feelings to him, it was now or never, so I let it rip. I sent him an email on Udate and he got it and read it within 2 hours. He never responded, he blew me off. The next day, 911 happened.

Now had I expressed my feelings after 911, he would have known my feelings weren't genuine for him but because of 911. But now he knows it was cause of him. That day, I drove to Mole and I was happy, I'm done, over it. Started listening to Jamie White and Danny show on 98.7 and they were in a sad mood, I didn't know why. Then I found out. So at work, the first thing I did was get on Udate and I used that platform as a form of communication, I got a hold of a guy in Virginia who lived near the Pentagon and I asked him, is this real, you know to get confirmation, confirm and verify and he said, it's true and broke it all down.

So, you can use dating websites for other things, not just finding a 2d. They come in handy when you need a comm line.

At this time, I dated up a storm, met many guys for dates, aka interviews. Boring as hell. I learned if they wanted to meet you for lunch or dinner, they weren't cheap but coffee, they had no money. I didn't really care but it's a nice tip. There was another guy, his name was Rich, he was an attorney from Arizona. Not irish or celtic etc etc. This was an interesting encounter. He was fun. I never had sex with him. We went to lunch at Jerry's Deli in Woodland Hills. He was kinda of an asshole, all on guard and shit, I was nice, mellow. So we were talking and he wanted to know what kind of a woman I was, I told him I was the kind that played the game, not a cheerleader that sits there and goes rah rah rah, I play the game called life and he said something sarcastic and I said, sure I'll wear a cheerleader uniform, why not LOL, he almost lost it, he started laughing so hard, then I started laughing, we both almost starting crying we were laughing so hard LOL. After that, I guess the ice was broken. We started dating, he took me to this restaurant in Woodland Hills, I forget the name but it's one of my favs, I had carpaccio, outside with all the lights in the trees, very romantic. We later went to the park, made out and then back to my house. I wouldn't fuck him and it was between me and another girl he was dating. She was willing to do anything. I told him go ahead. He later called wanted to negotiate, I stood my ground, no one on one relationship, no sex. And that was it. I was ok with it. I liked him but I didn't know him. No major chemistry.

Another guy, gave me a proposition, like it was a business deal. Oh since we met in person, that means it's a go, now we'll just go into a relationship, done deal. Ok, no. I don't know you, ok. He wanted to start a relationship with me that night. He was nice, had money, cute. I don't operate this way. I was not attracted to him. Another guy, it was a total job interview, he was a computer animation artist. It was just weird. So I was like this is for the birds. Anyway, I figured, a shit load of guys got my info and know my name, so I might as well use it. Maybe somewhere thru Nikki's and Tommy's comm lines, I'll find my soulmate this life. Why let a good thing go to waste. And if not, that's ok, cause 1 billion people are gonna know about this website, my race. Like I said, I'm gonna draw him out. All eyes on me and it's gonna be fun. I'll be cinderella for the planet. the girl who achieved the American Dream and then some. I'll just take it to the next level, like I said, I'm not into pain, just intensity. Intense is good, real good.


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