What Scientology For You is About What Scientology For You is not about
My Story by Kathy Gold


Here's my viewpoint, my opinion ok.

I read this book and I also met him in person. This book is case studies where he helped cure people with cancer. The doctors kicked these people to the curb, they were considered terminal, no hope. These people had no where to turn, it was that or die. They had nothing left to lose.

I went to a seminar he was giving at the learning annex, it was also being video taped. The audience asked him, why are you video taping this? He told us, point blank, his lawyers advised him. He can't go around telling people he helped cure them of cancer or he'll go to jail.

It's against the law, you have to promote and market chemo, that's radiation. It's more profitable for hospitals to charge for chemo theraphy then the information in his book. This doctor is not a scientologist but he knows about the purif, he's fully aware of it LMAO. And he's way smart. He figured it out, like alot of other doctors out there.

Chemotherapy, is radiation for your cells, to kill, radiate cancer, but in reality you are putting radiation into your body, OT3 will turn on, key in your past lives when the universe ended and you died because of radiation.

I also cross referenced this book with Vol 7 of the Research and Discovery series. LMAO They were both right LMAO.

I use naturopathic doctors. They get it 100%. Don't need health insurance like you people, go to Kaiser they're expanding, look at their parking lots.

Alot of doctors agree with me, they just can't promote and market it, they're not interested in going to jail, it's against the law. Even though they're cure works, it's called vitamins and minerals. Most people have mineral deficiencies, hence the teeth, first place you lose them, the body natually takes it from your teeth and bones. It's a fact jack.

This doctor is a rebel and gives great information, content. It's your job to educate yourself. Your journey, your path. If you die because you listened to some stupid doctor, that's your fault, your problem, your family can sue, court LMAO.

You want the law changed, go to court. The FDA. The status quo. Me, I'll save my money and continue using these kinds of doctors. They are ethical, honest and work hard. Never compromising their ethics nor their code of conduct.

And for you criminals out there, that want free donos for a scam you're running, I have cancer, gimme your money for treatment LMAO fuck off LMAO


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