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My Story by Kathy Gold

Yuliya Keaton Ok, this woman is a kook ok. When I had my facebook page, she was a friend on there. I didn't know her nor ever met her, she approached me and wanted to be friends, I was like ok, sure, why not.

She then chatted me, IRC within facebook and told me, she wanted to go into an org and run ops on them, her own, to get the goods, evidence, proof of wrong doing and abuse. I told her, not to. I said to her, hey, you're not on payroll, nobody is paying you to do this, for free? That's wack. That's out exchange. This was like in 2010 or so. Right after I set up my facebook page, the one for Scientologists or ex Scientologist or former etc etc. The one that got terminated by criminals. I explained to her, you have to pay me to do this, be on payroll like the government, etc etc. Otherwise, it's weird. Here's a visual

At this time, she had custody of her children, all three if memory serves me correctly. So I read this article and her children are now in foster care ok. She lost custody because her and her ex husband went out and spent $1k on super secret spy shit to play weird spy games with this church or running their own ops. They put this ahead of their own children. It's wrong on so many levels. And broke the law ok.

Instead of changing the status quo, she perpetuated it. Contributed to it, by her actions.

I thought she listened to what I had to say, and understood but instead she wanted to put this into the physical universe and they did at the cost of their own children. There is something wrong here ok. There are so many people that need help but instead of doing the right thing, they chose to do the wrong thing at the expense of their own children. Who now could possibly be in the hands of pedafiles and/or psych drugs. Yuliya, this is bullshit. You assume I'm gonna help your kids? You're fucked up. If your kids are getting abused, you caused that, you did that to them. You don't love them, you never did. You put them in a position to be abused, sexually and worse, death. Don't assume in my journey I'll come across them ok. This is your journey to handle, your path to correct and fix. You are their mother, not me.

Updated July 14, 2013

This is what you exposed your children to, Yuliya. They don't deserve that.

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