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August 20, 2012

So, I went to a meeting at noon today and the person I was meeting with, Larry and Eric, both were not there. I thought, how odd that they would both not be there. The woman who told me this, her name was Andrea, she really didn't care that I had a meeting with them.

She assumed I was there for a job interview. Not at all. When I asked if they were at the other number, they have another office, she said she didn't know, she didn't know when they would be in, where they were and of course their cell numbers where private and can't be given out. But I can try back another day. Meaning, I can just come into their office another day, like I just walked off the street. Ok, that was a weird response, to a meeting or an out point.

I felt discriminated against, she was black. Her attitude was really unprofessional. Most women would have said, oh, you're here for a meeting, ok, they are both not here, but let me get them on the phone and find out where they are at. But not this woman. She didn't care and treated me like shit.

I'm not her emotional punching bag for any reason. The way she acted, she didn't care about my time, I drove up from the Valley to meet with them, to discuss how to increase their revenune and she didn't give a fuck. It tells me, they don't honor their agreements and would stiff me. They don't pay.

Not interested in doing business with an unethical company. This is ethics, not justice. She assumed I was white and I needed a job. Lady, I'm not your slave ok. I went there to help the company you work for, the group you are part of. Find somebody else that can do it. Not interested in helping this company with their online revenue.

She had no idea about this website, but now she does, I gave her my business card, she can google me. I told her, her name is going on this website.

Btw, Larry told me, they've been working on cleaning up all the negative reviews about them online, including not just clients but ex employees. Poor Larry, he just got sabotaged by this woman. I'm sure other people had appointments with him and he wasn't at his desk or something and she got rid of them too, she obviously doesn't want any white people working there. LMAO.

He also told me, they were looking for someone to do blogging, and I told him, I get it, you want me to create gateways through a blog, content to increase your web traffic. He was like, yeah, you got it, I was the first person he spoke to, that got it.

So, as you can see, they employ racist haters. If you are white, don't even waste your time, going to work for this company cause I'm getting they will fuck you, for no reason, other than they can. This woman assumed I wanted a job there ok. She didn't care and was like come back tommorrow, like my time isn't valueable, like I have nothing better to do, like I just walked off the street. Ok lol, I say, fuck her, she's a racist hater and she's fucked.

Because of people like her, mankind is not worth saving. She took no responsibility or accountability for her actions, to her this was acceptable, to treat someone this way. This is how she treats, all white people I imagine. Oh well, not my problem. Her soul is fucked, for 1 billion years. She's not getting off this fuckin rock, ever.

Boy, I can imagine, the racist haters that are black scientologists, can you say, major case, major meltdowns, rock solid. Thank God, I'm no longer part of this church. Look at Jesse Prince, a perfect example of a racist hater.

And since we have a black president in office, I can now be open about all of this. It's an even playing field, nobody is off limits.

From now on, every asshole I meet, will get a page, I don't give a fuck about their reputation, their brand, nothing. If you can't treat me with common courtesy, decency, then there is something wrong with you.

When a person has a meeting and get's treated this way by the office manager, in a management position, not even a receptionist. There is alot of out ethics going on behind the scenes. It's not normal, not normal behavior.

And I'm not gonna put up with it. This is how I fight back and put ethics in, in my environment. And we, non racist haters, will run this town, ethically, morally etc etc Not racist haters.

For the record, I don't give a fuck about her MU's, her justifications, I go by actions, not my problem that it's not her problem, get it. These bitches never learn and I'm so tired of the not my problem crap. It will be her problem, for 1 billion years. This is how racist haters act. Get it. Just know and take them to court if you want. Me. I'll watch them go down in flames from a distance. Sometimes, you only get 1 shot to get it right and she didn't. She represents that company every time she talks to someone. And she's sleeps great at night knowing she fucked over other people before me. And her dark skinned black friend, there were 2 of them. She heard drama rama and came out. So then it was 2 on 1. Both taller than me.

With power comes responsibility, her actions were irresponsible. Bottomline, so I know she's a racist hater, that's all I need to know, it also means automatically she's got transgressions in present time and that also means, she's a criminal, running on implants.

If they are pissed, come and get me, I don't mind girls, I'll take both of you out of the game or set it up for both of you to take me out and I'm sure somebody will get it on tape. Smear. This is how I roll. Think of me, next time some white person shows up and is actually there for a job interview. Be nice, ok. XOXO Babe Corleone

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