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My Story by Kathy Gold

Working as an Assassin

After my life with Nikki Sixx, my next life was with Jett. Me and Jett, took a break, After lifetimes of being together, we took breaks from each other and played whatever game we wanted with other people. This is how we left the force. I got my life in middle class heaven and Jett got his snake plissken game. We went independent. Independent Contractors. We worked for the federations.

Jett would never fuck a nazi whore let alone be in a 2d with one lol Sixx's preference, whores and strippers lol.

I was coming up the conditions as an assassin. Meaning, getting better at my craft.
Here's what Jett looked like in that life without all the shit.

lol no tats, no earrings, masculine all the way lol. And piercing blue eyes lol And I kinda looked like this

We used headsets lol The best money could buy lol I got in, he was my back up lol He never let me down or blew me off. He had my back, we were a team all the way. Verbage, 2 in the front, 1 in the back or 3 more coming, door on the left or I'm on my way, he directed and guided me. I trusted him with my life and he the same.

We both worked for all federations, we did the jobs nobody could do. You had to be clean as a whistle. I had procedures to stop my period, can't go into a high security bio facility with your period, it will throw the dna off, hormones lol then your dead lol I had my eggs frozen, our back up plan.

The bad guys would manufacture disease to wipe out millions of lives and/or hold that federation hostage. Get it, real evil bad guys. Our job, to stop that, prevent that from happening, just the two of us. Nobody else lol.

We had sex lol didn't need to worry about pregnancy or disease lol He gave me both O's, multiples lol and I him back lol We were married lol for life lol

When we retired, we had a bunch of kids, not white, multi racial. My first kid was black lol dark as night lol We didn't care, we loved him. We didn't give a fuck about his skin color, he was our blood, our dna. And went into the family business lol. My little blade without tats lol No tracking lol 1st rule 2nd rule don't marry a whore lol no blackmail for your house. My mother and father from that life are here in present time. My mother worked for the senate, US Federation, had alot of comm lines with other Federation members. My father worked in the Justice field. Not married to each other in present time. lol 2 of my kids and their wives are here in present time too. Best days of my life.

Jett had asian DNA his father worked in the senate for the Asian Federation. My father was black.

Here's the back story on that. My father after I arrived, I was an only child, he was wondering about my mom, cause I was olive skinned lol He was light skinned black, his first thought was my mom cheated on him, though she didn't ok. He put that on the back burner and let that simmer for alot of years ok.

When we went to get my eggs and do the kid thing, we told the doctors we wanted them to take the best of our dna so our kid was healthy not sick and they did lol. At first I was stunned, how was I gonna explain this to my first born? He was gonna ask questions ok and I didn't want to lie. Hmmm maybe they fucked up my shit, it was an accident. All the things that go in your head, how do you tell your kid this without looking like a bad parent. The last thing I wanted was my child discriminated against or not have the same opportunities I had. I didn't want him to be laughed at or ridiculed by others because he didn't look like us. Jett was awesome, he told me, don't worry, we'll handle it together, like a team. He really had a way of making me feel safe. The good news was, after he was born, my father, chilled out, he got it, DNA.

He had his father's eyes, baby blues lol He was so hot, all the girls wanted him lol. I remember when he brought them home for holidays, we sent him to assassin school too. He met his wife there. My 2nd son did not want to be an assassin at all ok. He felt like I beat him up lol His dream, the senate lol. I was like ok. We would have debates and I would always get him to look at both sides of the coin or equation. He would huff and puff and get soooo pissed off at me, I was killing his dream ok by getting him to look at both sides. He'd go into his room and pout lol But then come back and go ok mom, I get it lol. Both of my sons were black. My daughters were asian with olive skin. We didn't care, it worked out fine. My first son, he would sit on my lap and I would have him do drills when he was little, spot the out point, go, just like my mom did with me when I was little. Or spot the criminal lol

One time, there was a whole bunch of them and he wouldn't choose, ok lol He felt like I was setting him up for failure lol This was our game. He really bonded more with his father lol My 2nd son and I bonded the most, because of my father lol. Justice ok. lol. Anyway, he wouldn't choose, and would go, I give up, mom,which one is it? lol And then I would go, all of them lol And he would say, I knew it! lol And we would laugh and hug. I loved my kids, good kids.

Such an awesome family. We told my first son when he asked, I'm black, you guys are white, what's up with that? lol So we spilled the beans, we told him, and we also told him, they'll never see you coming , they'll be expecting you to look like your dad lol. That was our family saying, inside joke.

I always wondered why my eyes slant down, I'm hungarian, the mongol tribe too. Mongolia. Asia. The huns went from there to hungary.

I know everybody saw Jett this life and saw his body, not his soul. They evaluated off of his picture not his work or character.

They just listened to criticism and bought the lies, hook, line and sinker. That's too bad. Oh well, not my problem. Their problem, their soul not mine.

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