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My Story by Kathy Gold

Why Put My Story Online

More than one reason, but mainly to tell my side of what happened, after all it happened to me. The game is over. I've got nothing to lose, I've already lost it all lol. And I don't give a rats ass what people think about me. lol None of you were the commodore's daughter when the universe ended .I figured it all out. You're all on your own. And God has a sense of humor lol. We go first, we're best of best elite. Highest Ethical and Moral Standards. Not my fuckin problem, you didn't take the time to read my story and assumed you could hit me or talk shit to me. You are the one that's fucked. Your soul. Not mine lol.

Breaking all the rules, including PR lol. I'm not miss manners, I'm mis emotional lol deal with it lol.

And you don't know me, you have never walked in my shoes, who the fuck are you to judge me? Exactly, nobody, so fuck off. Oh and yeah social profiling doesn't work lol gotcha lol

Lisa Mcpherson didn't get a chance to tell her side, the people involved, used her death to profit off of it and talk shit about my religion.

There is no side to be on. There is no us against them. All the people now, in present time, they are just talking.

Trust no one, these people will never help you, they will let you die. They watched and saw the comm cycle I had with Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, over 100 people and did nothing, never reached out to me. They never bothered to get my side.

Marty Rathbun cut my comm. But they all swung by and read it. One blog post. What I wanted to say, but they don't know my side of what happened to me, the full story. They never bothered. lol. Get it, they look, watch, but will never talk directly to you, that's 1.1, their social tone level, they are below that on the tone scale, it's not pro survival to be friends with these kinds of people, lol they are not your friends, never were. I'm a Scientologist because I apply my religion.

They don't, they are cowards lol That is what cowards do. They are facinated with a dead guy ok.

They don't have cause over their exteriorization and never will. Their ethics are out. These people, they don't step up to the plate and take responsiblity and accountability for their actions. No amends.

Just like the management within the Church itself. They are no different then them.

They are all waiting for me to die so they can use my content in their weird war. Ok. It's quite gross and sick but this is who these people are.

Forget about them, do your own investigation, crack your case and get to target 3 or get left behind chit chatting with these people.

After me, there won't be anymore confirmation in the physical universe. lol oh well huh lol

If you get bored, feel free to go to my myspace blog lol dig, sift through my posts and eventually, you'll get to the one with Marty's comm, the screenshots are there lol or you can view the images in the photos section

Updated November 24, 2013

My main reason for telling my side, I want my potential 2d ie soulmate this life to know. Basically all the men that pursue me for marriage, I want them to know upfront. They can walk if they want. Not get involved with me.

Not everything is cut and dry. Dating is a nightmare, a job interview. Everybody is so busy trying to fuck you they don't want to know anything about you other then social bullshit boring chit chat, nothing real, nothing raw, nothing honest. It's a weird game these men play. I'm looking for a real man, a masculine man that wants to marry a feminine woman and stay the man in the relationship.

Everybody else wants the woman to be the man in the relationship, wear the pants. I refuse to convert, conform to the norm. I'm a rebel. I'm all about my feelings. Not gonna stifle them for any man, ever.

My mother came from old school in regards to this, slowly tell them, piece it out, spoon feed them. I'm not her. I'm me, I'm out, loud and proud. If he can't handle the truth, what happened to me, then it's best he move on and find somebody else.

The last thing I would want is to get married and then tell him, I think he would be upset to say the least ok. And I feel that's manipulative. If something like this happened to my future husband, I'd want him to tell me upfront, openly, honestly and directly before we got married.

Besides if he really loves me and wants to marry me, spend the rest of his life with me, he won't care, he'll be glad I had the balls to tell him upfront, directly and honestly.

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