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My Story by Kathy Gold

Why Is My Religion Controversial

I have no idea. You can copyright a religion, the bible is copywritten too. Look at the copyrights in the bible.

Paying for services? Other churches charge for services too. Believing in past lives is crazy? Not really, there are a lot of people that believe in past lives, other religions too, look at Buddhism and Hinduism.

The upper OT levels, you have to pay money, an exchange to do them. Actually you don't. Just do what I did and experience them on your own. Train as an auditor or get the basics down and live the OT levels instead of reading what they are, hatting, education.

If cause over your exteriorization is your thing, then you'll wanna do what I did, the ride is way better than Mr. Toads lol it's wild and so fuckin fun, better than any drug on planet earth lol or any orgasm lol.

There are more important things in life than the pursuit of money, sex, objects etc etc. It's called cause over your exteriorization. Sure, you might die if you don't have a high responsibility level and just bitch and whine about everything. But if you are like me, where you do have a high responsiblity level, then you will do just fine.

Remember this isn't for the masses nor mainstream lol. It's just for us, implanters, highest ethical and moral standards.

Yeah, I know, these bozos assume I want mainstream acceptance lol boy are they a bunch of idiots lol. I know they'll never see it coming lol.

See you on target 3 my friend.

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