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My Story by Kathy Gold

Why I Wasn't Interested In Going To Court Against This Church

My confession, I wasn't interested in being put into a position of getting blackmailed into sexual acts with my step father. My mother married a man younger than her, closer to my age. This church plays their parishoners against their non scientolology family.

I'm sure that David Miscavige et al went by the law and gave my mother money to help me. Remember in my induced meltdown, Jon Mackinder was asked, is she a psych case? My mother, I suspect told them I was crazy like my father and needs better care. She was at the psych hospital, and prior to that, she came by my home, noising around, she could smell shit was going down, get it. I know how criminals work, her missed withholds in present time and down the wholetrack.

So, I suspect they said, no prob, here's money for her to get the best of care and she took the money, the figure of $50k, remember was gotten from the KR's that Jon Mackinder wrote, that I went crazy because I owed my mother $50k. Then they doubled it, one for him and one for her. Please they would know about crossing the wall of fire, especially with my step father, heiling hitler, on tape, private eyes outside.

So they took the money, and broke their agreement. Their overt, their transgression. Not this churches. So, if I had gone to court, my mother would have ganged up on me with them, to deny and say, she's crazy as well as my step father. They want to break you in court, feelings, family, loss on the 2d till you are worn down and cave, give up. My mother would have manufactured evidence just to be right, remember after she pushed me down the stairs and called the police saying I attacked her, another lie, she told me later, she took pictures of that. Which I know is false because I was the one that was pushed down the stairs. Not that hard to manufacture evidence, especially with criminals, they lie.

And if they have to, dope you, drug you, psych drugs, that is what they will do. My mother wanted me on psych drugs. I have her on tape, I taped her, take your pills, Kathy dear. Have me doped up, move back to her house where her husband would try to rape me. I would be out of present time, easier to control, easier to rape and molest.

Then to get away, get me married off. Cause who would I tell, I'm crazy, mentally ill. Nobody would listen to me, the police would laugh at me and so I would go down that dwindling spiral and become a victim for life of molestation and rape, all because I told the truth and did the right thing. I call it pedafilia, my mother would have me work under her in real estate, bust my ass doing all the work, while she took the money and credit. Then let her nazi husband rape me and if I told anybody, she would tell my husband and he would say I'm a crazy lying whore and institutionalize me for life. Health insurance. They would keep me there forever until I died.

That is manipulative or 1.1 on the tone scale and I decided to disconnect from my mother and step father. For my survival, the greatest good for my dynamics. Or ethics.

My mother's motive this time, more money LMAO, she's in debt and assumes, ok, this time I'll get more money, millions if need be. This is the game people play that call you family. They lie to your face while they try to kill you in present time. Apply tech, disconnect from them permanently, so you will survive, live not die.

I doubt anybody else will ever come forward that experienced what I have, they're not interested in being put in a position to be raped and molested for the rest of their lives by family members.

As for her pushing me down the stairs there was no ambulance, if I had pushed her down the stairs, a 64 year old woman would be bleeding, big time, no blood and she wouldn't have been able to make the call. But she pushed me down a flight of stairs, then ran away and called the police ok. It was her house, 2 police officers arrived on the scene, they both came into the guest house and talked to me. They left, one was nice, gave me a card for the catholic church, a place I can go to talk to someone.

How did she push me, I was standing by the stairs on top with my back to the stairs, in front of her. It's a spiral staircase. I told her, go ahead, do it, you know you wanna. So she did. I didn't think she would actually do it ok, if I really thought she would, I wouldn't have put myself in a postion to be so easily pushed down a flight of stairs. She ran away after she did it, out the door, left me there, on the floor.

Yeah, that is how stupid the police are, it never occurred to them there was no ambulance. She's 68 now.

Updated Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This happens to alot of people everyday in middle class heaven, behind closed doors. Where is the justice? Where is her release? How about her childhood that was stolen? By her own father. A pedafile.

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