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My Story by Kathy Gold

WholeTrack Psychs or Implanters

We were the checks and balances in society. In today's society there is none. Too many abuses all over, in every industry. There is always a few that fuck it up for the rest of the general public.

Things crashed and came back. We handled the out ethics and brought in the new thing, the new wave, so that the economy would go back up again and people could flourish and prosper.

The implanter network was huge. As we brought in expansion, we too expanded, just like the universe.

The two laws in the universe, it either expands or contracts. If it stays the same, it will contract, so expansion was the name of the game. Expanding can be done ethically, morally.

There is no perfect society or people. But there is something called ethics.

And yeah, Jett was ahead of his time, like alot of other people. His game, his dream was a world where mankind could co-exist here on planet earth, in harmony, not death, destruction, pain and proverty.

Not all dreams come true and for a little while, while he was here, he played his game, it was all he could do, to pass the time, until it was his time to go.

Not everybody will make it to target 3. That is each person's path, journey. Nothing is guaranteed.

For you implanters, wholetrack psychs all over the planet, I'll see you guys over there. We won't meet this life as a group, I have my own journey, my own path. Setting up the universe, the right way, is our game. I love you guys and I'll see you over there.

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