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My Story by Kathy Gold

Walt Disney's Real Dream

To own Cinderella lol He knew, whoever owned Cinderella, won lol In Hollywood lol. And his dream will come true, via his legal department. No more cindy plots lol.

All the heads of studios knew this. It was a secret lol. I read where David Miscavige had a dinner meeting with all the top studio execs in Hollywood lol. He was playing movie mob boss lol. Get it lol.

Like those guys were actually gonna help clear the planet, right, those guys only care about themselves and money lol. Position and wealth. They don't value human life, perfect example Sumner Redstone, autism, please, we all know it's man made. Congress rolled back the Homeland Security Act so that people could sue Eli Lily for causing it. Mercury in vaccines.

One man, I believe a Republican senator or congressman who was on his way out, added that you couldn't sue Eli Lily for the creation of autism in the Homeland Security Act and congress caught that and went oh no you can't lol. They rolled it back, spotted it and said no. You can sue Eli Lily. People can get justice.

But it doesn't handle the children now fucked up because of the mercury in their vaccines. Destroying children's lives for profit is disgusting. They are the future. Using the FDA to enforce it, is criminal.

All the people that are or were at Eli Lily that caused that, that created that, will have to answer to God and I have a feeling, he's not gonna be too happy lol if you know what I mean lol What amends, did these people do in present time to make up for this? Nothing, not one damn thing, they just left and got another job.

They don't get off scott free, when they die, their soul will get fused and en-tombed in this rock, just like the Rockefellers and their bullshit with the Trilateral Commission. Nobody is off limits.

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