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My Story by Kathy Gold

Waiting For Others To Get It lol

While other people are still waiting, getting their shit together in regards to promoting and marketing their websites, etc etc, hell could freeze over lol

I'm not gonna wait. That would be effect. While these people wait, we will continue crossing the wall of fire in our own homes and leave. The rest can come back next life and try it again.

Eventually they will figure it out or not. Not my problem, I'm a selfish bitch lol see simon bolivar policy.

Sometimes, you know when it's your time to go. Can't wait on the world to catch up with me, otherwise, I'll get left behind. It's a risk, I'm not willing to take, my soul, my eternity.

8 million Scientologists didn't just fall off the face of planet earth or disappear. They too figured it out like me and crossed the wall of fire in their own homes, dropped their bodies or died and left. They're not coming back to a dying planet and neither am I.

Middle Class Heaven, conservative tone band lol How dare I speak my mind, free speech.

No religion is cookie cutter. The one thing all religions have in common is the Soul. After my experience with the Church of Scientology, I will never set foot in another Church ever again, for any reason.

I'm not here to be liked or admired. Code of Honor. Don't desire to be liked or admired and Never need praise, approval or sympathy.

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