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My Story by Kathy Gold

WW2 and Big Pharma

Why they were after the founder LRH, cause he missed their withholds, crimes in present time. Experiements on the Jews in the concentrations camps. The big pharma companies went over to Germany and did experiments on the Jews, paid the Nazis. It's in their archives, Eli Lily. Their vault, safe, it's part of their proprietary technology or secret.

Like Dr. Mengele, twins. You have one twin, use no drugs and the other twin use our drugs to see the effects, 2 comparables, studies, same DNA, genes etc etc and include emotional response.

It's quite gross, disgusting and evil. How ironic, Jews going on psych drugs, data they got from the Nazi's. Be a good little Jew and listen, obey your masters, Nazis.

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