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My Story by Kathy Gold

Using Drugs and Alcohol

Most people use drugs and alcohol to numb their pain. They are also stifiling their feelings, their emotions, as a spiritual being it also numbs your soul and makes you more susceptible to having a meltdown, but in a negative way. you can see here, Jenny Garth is drinking alcohol with her friends to stifle, bury her pain. Her marriage ending, this is a loss for her and she wants to resolve it. She still loves her husband. Drugs and alcohol won't resolve this issue. As you can see, she's not happy.

She wants to know the why, the real reason her marriage is ending. She's spinning in loss and pain and it's not just this life, past lives where her and her husband were together or with other guys like him.

She and her husband, with the help of her therapist need to peel the layers, all the layers.

The real reasons, there is always more than one. She and he need both, so they can either repair their marriage or end it and move forward in their lives.

In the end, maybe they can repair it and cross the wall of fire together, as a team. In the church of scientology, you used to be able to co-audit the OT levels. David Miscavige got rid of that, it was not a big money maker for him.

Many scientology couples have found their soulmates, their wholetrack 2ds and have figured it out, crossed the wall of fire together as a team. They didn't let the other die. They loved each other so much, they held their hand and walked that walk together as a team. The double wedding rings, signifies that.

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