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My Story by Kathy Gold

Tracking Scientologists Online

This website is not owned by a scientologist, but a non scientologist. This is discriminatory.

When someone googles my name, this website comes up, and people go hmmm she's a scilon. I'm immediately discriminated against. I'm also Jewish and Catholic.

The IAS never took this woman to court to remove this website.

I never gave this woman permission to put my information on a website.

What the fuck is this? It's called tracking. Who is this person and why is she going after Scientologists, it's like when the nazi's card cataloged the Jews.

Scientology encompasses all religions, people from all walks of life, all genders, all races, all ages. When you go after a Scientologist you are going after mankind.

For regular, common non celebrity scientologists, they have to tell other people they are scientologists or they won't get services, it's an out qual. So whose, playing who? lol

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