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My Story by Kathy Gold


Tony Ortega

I contacted Tony before Tobin and Childs. LMAO, I know the pecking order.

Tony's response was, I get so many scilons that contact me, I don't have time to sift through every story.

He didn't give a fuck either. He wants to be top dog over Tobin and Childs.

The press, worthless, they only care about one thing, selling papers, not doing the right thing or yellow journalism, Hearst LMAO Not that hard to figure out if you know the history or actually knew him. Murdoch is no Hearst.

Tony's right though, it's not the church's beliefs or scientologist's beliefs, it's how the church and their management team treats people, their own parishoners. Case and point, look at me, my story.

You know Tony, not everybody wants to be in the limelight, already been there, done that, let the nobodies like Marty Rathbun and Steve Hall have it, after all, no next life for them. The rest of us, just want to do the right thing. We're not all Scilons.

Btw Tony, if I was OSA, I would have run ops on Caberta and her nazi bullshit and brought her down, taken her out of the game.

Update Saturday, September 15, 2012 Tony's leaving, quit, to write a tell all book about Scientology and get out of non e with the rest of the world as the reporter that knows it all LMAO hypocrite or hypercritical. Tony's background I'm sure porn, like his newspaper. Will he succeed? I doubt it, he had a chance to do the right thing, oh well Tony, not my problem. Spin city for Tony

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