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Tom Cruise and Porn

So Tom fucked Kelly Preston in this movie, this was acceptable to his church and his fans. To me, it wasn't acceptable at all. It restimmed my case. When I first saw this in the theater, I was like wtf? It was really weird to me that Tom was fucking John's wife, his friend in a movie. Then in her interview, she said, oh it was great fun ha ha lol I got to fuck Tom and then go home to John, can you say whore? lol They got paid for it, you know a job so it was ok that Kelly Preston went out 2D on set. Not, to me it wasn't.

Maybe in the movie industry this is acceptable, or for their careers but not for me. I would never be an actress and fuck some guy on screen for money, married or not lol. Basically both are getting paid to have sex on screen. It's porn in my book.

I'm sure it restimmed their case too lol I guess that was ok with Int management cause they were celebrities and just paid extra money to go up their bridge lol. It's not like these people did anything in present time to take responsiblity for it, other than paid money or gave money, donations lol. These two people are really bad opinion leaders, they set a bad example for other scientologists to follow.

Please don't follow in their footsteps, oh no, they are both dramatizing their case from OT3, when Kelly did go out 2D on John with Tom. Both of these two people are losers. John married the wrong woman in present time.

The last movie Tom did with Nicole. a porn movie, with his wife lol. Still porn, they got paid to fuck in this movie. I wondered what restimmed their case, cause after this movie, they were done as a couple lol. I wonder what happened behind the camera, cause there were only 3 people on set, Tom, Nicole and Stanley. Stanley Kubrick is dead now. It's just Tom and Nicole. Hmmmm, did both of them cheat on each other down the wholetrack, perhaps? Maybe not in present time but in past lives? OT 3? lol Both are responsible, both people were involved, it's their 2D, we don't get involved in it. But I can tell you, Nicole did make a pass at my husband, in a galaxy far far away lol. Both of these two people are not that innocent.

Nobody thought it was strange that she couldn't have kids with Tom but with Keith, she had 2? Why didn't she do infertility treatments with Tom Cruise to have his kids?. When I first saw the pic of Nicole at the fundraiser she went to with Tom for the Clintons, years ago, it was in a magazine. She was walking in a dress, looked like Cinderella, her eyes were beaming, she couldn't believe where she was, it appeared in that photo, that's all she cared about.

When I was crossing the wall of fire, I had two choices, I could pull in Nicole or Suge, both were in my neighborhood lol I was like no way, neither lol.

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