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My Story by Kathy Gold

Tom Cruise

Tommy, Tommy lol He was a brother, a cop from another life, some would say, a twin, he was older but never the less, we were the same.

While crossing the wall of fire, I felt a connection, a balloon, hard to describe, it was next to me, behind me and then flat, like a balloon and nothing, It went fast, within a few seconds. I was like what is that, lol It was him. I already know him and how he is. He's a very very stubborn guy, extremely stubborn, spinning. I assumed at first it was Jett lmao, my attention was on Jett, not Tom Cruise, you know my soulmate, my love, my life, my all. At the time I really didn't get it, so I just grounded myself in my cop shit lmao. I guess in that life, it was me, Tommy, Katie and of course my other half, Jett. All on the force. Not minority report at all. First you handle all the negative case gain, then you get to the good memories, the good is behind the bad, the good times when you all felt like one family unit and life was really good. Family is always last on the list, your soulmate always comes first. So with Tommy, just two lives. That one and OT3, why get caught up with his crap, it's my life and about me. Not him lol.

That was a life pre earth, when me and Tommy were brother and sister. Our dad, Sumner Redstone, we were on the force. Katie was home, pregnant, I went to help Tommy and told Jett to find me if he can't get ahold of me. Me and Tommy were back to back, Jett saved us that day, both of us. We were all on the force in that life.

In present time, Jett is not here to save Tommy. Memories from a past life. Not that big of a deal. Tommy can have his best friend David Miscavige save him, from now on. After all he's bought and paid for.

When Juliette made that move to get that TV job, The Firm lol Tom was like oh no Juliette, the SP's are watching, what are you doing lol She did it for her survival, a job and covered her ass with a press release. She was well aware of the pilot lol has her own comm lines and agents, she probably knew like 6 or more months in advance.

Tom's SP's are old ghosts, he too is a cop down the wholetrack lol and what happens to cops when they go out of present time? They start seeing old enemies in real life.

So Tommy will have to stifle it, see his mental mass or slime that he covers up with make up and facials lol just like David Miscavige. Tom's worst nightmare, to become a pedafile, he won't bond with his kids on any level, he used to catch them and take them for treatment to the implant stations and of course like me, take them out of the game. Tom's a cop and David Miscavige is a criminal who has the upper hand on him, the OT Levels, how will Tommy make it off this rock? He won't, by his own actions, he knew it was wrong to do what he did, but he did it anyway. Going up to int, fucking Nicole up there, accepting presents, gifts, using sea org to handle his household etc etc. But he didn't care, he's now a psycho cop on the lose, easy to restim, control and use by others, so another degraded being like Nicole Kidman.

Oh well, not my problem, not my brother in present time and never will be ever again, you know how hard it was for me on the force to have him as my brother, always having to back him up even when I knew he was wrong ok. I'm so glad I will never ever have to cover his ass for anything ever again, forever, all eternity.

And I still get his computations on a theta level lol I just don't acknowledge them lol Asshole, suck my dick. You are responsible for the condition you are in, your case, you allowed yourself to be manipulated and used by these people. So go fuck Miscavige up at int and get your release, be the girl that you are, the pussy.

You helped nobody, except yourself. You took no responsibility for anybody and I don't care about your MU's.

I was on your side, I saw that Oprah tv show, I didn't think there was anything wrong with being happy that you found Katie. I had hoped you two would find some happiness and love, here on planet earth, the chance you two never got in a galaxy far far away.

And when I saw Matt Lauer, I was like, right on Tom, tell them, what is really up. I never thought Tom was out of line, speaking his mind, his feelings and the fuckin truth. Then he got attacked in the media for speaking the truth. How dare he tell the world, what psych drugs really do to a human being. I wasn't offended at all. Then spinned around that he was attacking Brooke Shields. That woman wanted to kill herself and her own children she was so depressed. Drugs will amplfy those feelings, make those feelings harder to control. Her FPRD case.

Then crossing the wall of fire, when Matt Laur was doing his revenge thing by interviewing Christie etc etc. I was reviewing that 1st interview and I was like, Tom, I too know the history of Psychiatry. Pre earth and then wooosh. Wholetrack once again. My implanter days, best days ever. No fuckin drugs, nope, old fashioned Psychiatry, pain, that's the only way these fuckin animals learn.

You think Abu Ghraib was bad lol that's nothing compared to what really went on, in the hidden implant stations lol I called them, the boys in the basement lol they really loved their jobs, they taught me a thing or two lol.

Eval this vid the first few seconds, add pain and while adding the pain, commands, or hypnosis to not hurt children, to not steal, to not murder etc etc. And I'm not the girl with the puzzle box lol Please, give me a fuckin break.

Implanters go by the The Pain and Tone Scale.

Treatment for real criminals, real pedafiles, real SP's no drugs, just pain.

All implanters can cross the wall of fire, on their own, naturally, normally like me. Highest ethical and moral standards. No implanters would ever throw their own child under a bus for any reason, they would die first, so their child could live. Miscavige, had it wrong the whole time, he's really a pedafile, who's been implanted up the wazoo to prevent him from harming children. What kind of a religious leader would allow another religious leader's son to be harmed by a pedafile and not do anything about it, but instead, cover it up. If he was an implanter, he would have done the right thing and routed this woman to the police and had her arrested. Instead, he made sure she went to the RPF and then kicked to the curb. This woman got away with a real crime and David Miscavige and his management crew all allowed it. They are now accomplices to this crime or out KSW

The end product of his ethical and moral behavior would have been great PR for the church, it would have shown to the general public that these churches and organizations are safe and Scientology management applies their bible, the ethics book. It would be a group any ethical, sane person would want to belong to, contribute to.

But instead of doing the right thing, they sweeped it all under the rug, missed withhold city, their own past lives, their own past crimes down the wholetrack. Their solution to handling a pedafile.

The psych hospitals of today are wearing the hat of the implant stations, they inherited that condition.

Tom, you'll have to find your own way home, personally I don't think that's gonna happen, you're too old dude, you were too busy all those years with Nicole making movies instead of going up a bridge, she was too busy keeping you pre occupied and stopping you from obtaining cause over your exteriorization. In this brief moment in time, you had the chance to obtain your spiritual freedom, cause over your exteriorization but you blew it.

In the end, you can always revenge fuck her, spin her in, until she kills herself to get your release. After all, she's worthless and weak. I saw how she went on David Letterman, talking shit, Yeah, now I can wear high heels lol a 1.1. comment designed to introvert you on your height, etc etc. So I guess she didn't hold her head high enough but enough to make it in the business. She's not a cop, just a whore.

She took her clothes off for money in a play called the Blue Room, an expensive stripper and now, she can go on meds and become a drug addicted stripper/whore as her value in life drops lol.

I don't hate Nicole, I just know how she is. She was a sister in a previous life too. She has to be top dog with her out ethics, her unethical behavior. Nicole not a cop. Just a drama rama queen lol. Tom won't be saving you Nicole, ever again. Nobody will, you're on your own. And that's how I really feel lmao

And Rupert couldn't cut it lol as head of the implant stations lol He was before Sumner, he was my dad before Sumner, Nicole was my sister. They both could not handle me, I was too ethical for both of them.

But on with the show, after all it's entertainment, right and it sells papers etc etc. I noticed Rupert, there was no attacks on twitter, oh no, another fuckin lie.

Tommy wanted to go into the Sea Org and out of the movie business, he was doing start, change, stop naturally, but nobody wanted him off this post, for money. He was more important to everybody as a movie star, keep bringing in that money for everybody else, keep everybody else in business. They are all too lazy and too stupid to be actors themselves. Not everybody can be a movie star and put people in the seats. Just a handful and that's it. It's a numbers game really, you either are or not. Anyhoo, he wanted out of this business many times, but instead of going on his guts, his instincts, he listened to everybody else around him. He could have hedged his bets and opened other businesses like everybody else, he had many options, now it's too late.

He'll just fuck everybody over in his path and die, after a while, you stop trusting others, too many betrayals, not enough love, people just taking, taking, taking, no exchange back, you're depleted. You're done. Tommy was never psych ops, are you kidding me, with his record lol. His out 2d's. He never would have lasted a new york second. It's quite sad really, but never the less, these are the choices he made in his life, nobody put a gun to his head and forced him down his roads, his journeys. He did that on his own.

So, LRH was a cop and David Miscavige is a criminal, that's the difference, it's the little things.

And I never met Tom Cruise this life, don't know him and I'm not gonna. Don't want to, ewwww ok. Major shit, he's not that good of a guy.

I introverted on him, when he was doing the Day/Knight movie. He's psychotic, and spinning around on his own case. I knew he was on OT7 and after Marty and Mike came out, he blew, split, he splits when things get tough, that's his operating basis. OT3 all the way. He and Katie were photographed drinking in box office seats. He looked nuts and she was like wtf? He's drinking while doing that level, it's a no no, especially if you have a huge drug case. He runs away from his problems instead of confronting them. You can see in the movie, he's off, not balanced, his face. I also found out, he was auditing at that time on OT7, on the set and transmitting his shit via the internet to his C/S and David Miscavige is personally C/Sing his case. Only one problem, he's not tech trained, so what is he doing? Not to mention, blackmail, anybody can hack it and use to blackmail him or restim him on his overts, trangressions in present time. You are suppose to go into a church. His trailer is not secure, it's out security. But I guess if he goes nuts, he can always run up to int, for a good nights stay or more. Tommy is not an auditor, so he's fucked, you have to be an auditor to figure this shit out. And Tommy is not nor is he tech trained. Like I said before, you can't buy your way into heaven, you have to work for it, earn it. Anybody can throw money at it, but not everybody can apply it.

The big pedafile tip off, Schools, education, Tom's fav, people assume it's an easy subject, to help education, not to much flack in the press, not like psychiatry, but in reality, there is a flip side, pedafiles, they gather around schools and in schools.

Anyway, I was in wholefoods alot, and I remembered when I was in wholefoods a long time ago, and Tommy was there, he had security with him, the one in Sherman Oaks, I was standing there with my back turned towards the frozen foods section and in front of the meat guys and he passed by the frozen section. I remember, what I saw in front of me, was all green, it went really really quick, I didn't really get it. It was back in the early 90's. Like I said, I'm green, he's purple lol some would say, a hallucination, I say running case in present time, right in front of me, OT3 but I didn't know it. What a trip. You have to recall all those moments in time too and figure it out.

And as for Tom and Katie, this is between the two of them. There are alot of things, agreements that are not public record.

Who am I to judge, again, I don't know these two people, I have never met them and I'm not gonna. But I do know, my mother signed a confidentiality agreement when she fucked me over, simply because she could, who was ever gonna admit this, nobody. So, I'll never have confirmation from anybody on this, so what, I have my spiritual freedom, that's worth more to me than all the money in the world. Never doubt your own knowingness. Ha Ha, I won and you all lost, big time.

It's not easy crossing the wall of fire, but if your ethics are in, you will be fine, you will survive, if your ethics are out, you'll die, built in safe guards. I didn't make the rules, I just figured them out.

This tech, will disappear in time. Miscavige has already alterised the bridge when he took over, in 1986, he made all the OT's redo their bridge. A retread and more money. This didn't need to happen. He spun some people's case in. I was lucky, I got in, just in time. You, not so much. You can't control this criminal. He's got power over you. He'll do reverse Scientology on you, smear, blackmail, spin you in and watch you bleed in the streets from a distance to get his release. He can't stand you Tommy, he's not an artist.

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