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My Story by Kathy Gold

To The FBI

So, when I started crossing the wall of fire, I got alot of people's questions, why not this, why not that, regarding my religion, you can't work for the gov, feds etc if you want to go up the bridge. I had the same questions, I was also going wholetrack on my police past lives, undercover too.

I read that press release put out, where the FBI gages emotions and how these criminals put up lyrics etc etc. so you guys can figure it out LMAO and then they try to spin you, cause they think they are so smart.

Anons were freaked out, and stopped doing that and ran away LMAO oh no the feds. Now here's the kicker, I love investigations, I'm a cop not a criminal. So, since I'm not really into this civil court shit with this church, see the catch 22 they put the parishoner in, they are damned if you do and damned if you don't even if you are not a criminal. I was thinking, hmmm how can I buy a house? Cause my options are gone ok. litterly, I'm 45, I really wanted to do my new admin scale but I don't think it's in the cards, you have to be rich if you want to have the luxury of being a full time gallery artist, that is the honest real truth.

I got alot of people's computations, not just pastl life 2d, family bullshit LMAO I'm really good at covert ops, it's my game in middle class heaven, I just don't lie LMAO that's the real secret LMAO otherwise when you zip it, you pop from all the computations and then burn out or fall asleep, get tired, anaten, OT3, coffee anyone? LMAO

So I flipped it, I hit all the environmental implants, guess what, the folks have a really really cool water filtration system, soft water and reverse osmosis LMAO what happens when you are crossing the wall of fire in a dump? You hit all the enviornmental implants LMAO My GE is no longer restimmed, I'm mellow, like butter LMAO.

Yeah, my mom's not gonna front me a loan to get back on my feet. She'll wait till I'm dead to view her options for money or what she's gonna do. She has more than one reason and she's long gone, she's not at home.

The truth is, I didn't want to confront not having a family. Her and my step father was all I had. Nobody wants to be alone. I kept the charade of a family going as long as I could. I helped her so she could survive without me ok, cause as soon as the market is back and they sell that house, I'm sure he's gonna bail on her if she doesn't kill him first. Look at her ok, she's 68 years old and he's 49? Not normal and she won't give him a divorce and he's cheated more than once. She will eventually pop.

I have compassion ok, I can't just kill this woman even though she's my mother, sure PR wise, wow big deal, I'm sure she'll be fine. I just have a feeling she'll do herself in.

When you go check them out, you know after I'm dead, just remember to read the ethics book ok, your guy's technology should be up to par by now ok, when somebody goes into a meltdown, the first thing they fear is the FBI, Law Enforcement, they are both crimnals, petty thieves ok. It's been hard on my mom, as well as my real dad, they both came here from a communist country. I saw how they were discrimnated against because they didn't speak english well, their accents. They got fucked over and over and over and over and yeah, my dad came into to see you guys too. He felt followed and didn't know why. There was some weird mob like shit going down in Ohio, Cincinnati, because of my mother ok and she wouldn't be honest with him. btw yeah now Katie Holmes is talking about chili cheese dogs in Cincinnati, isn't she from Toledo? So yeah, I'm sure Tom told her about me and said, this crazy lady is stalking me, she wants a movie deal, a franchise LMAO. Yeah ok.

So, in 1998, the PI's were outside I could hear them, they assumed my mother and step father were russian because of their accent. This was when they were helping me move back home to their house.

Now Miscavige knows about this, communist country, they feel stalked, hunted, tracked etc etc. My family escaped communism in the early 70's. We came here legally but they still escaped, we went through Bulgaria to Italty, I've already been to the Vatican, Rome when I was little. I was in/on the coliseum already. I did all my traveling when I was little. I love traveling, but I don't think it's in the cards, money LMAO.

And yeah I figured it out already, you guys have files on everybody, all celebs LMAO. Lisa Marie Presley btw feels stalked, all her life because she is famous. She's well aware of the FBI and her father's past. I'm glad I'm not famous LMAO.

So you guys think there is something wrong with all the Scilon Celebs, really, some of you have the hot's for Angelina Jolie LMAO. Why I popped, I'm not on salary and have no pension LMAO. Some of the people in the FBI currently aren't cops, but criminals, out exchange, wasting the taxpayers money. I have no idea who and I really don't care but in reality, it's your soul, not mine. I suggest for the ones that want cause over their exteriorization, buy the books, clear your MU's and do it yourself in your own home.

As for Miscavige, I know you guys evaled him, he just grounds himself in his lies cause at the end of the day, that's all he's got left. His lies, his whys, his justifications of why it was ok to throw me, and others under a bus when we did nothing wrong but ask for help from his church. I'll be looking for a job and get up the conditions the hard way. There is nothing else I can do. It's frustrating ok, when you have my past lives and have to deal with idiots like my mother, my landlady etc etc. If I could, legally kill them, I would and I would not only feel better but recover fully LMAO But I can't, unfortunately it's against the law, I'd go to jail. LMAO.No need to fantasize, I don't dream away on that shit, I do it on the fly LMAO more fun, it's instinctual, normal, fluid, it flows plus it's a great rush, a high. So this life, perpetual boredom. I have to walk away unless of course I pull in an attorney who is willing to go to court for pro bono and have to deal with OSA etc etc, then I'm like woohoo, let's do this. If you know anybody here in Cali, The Valley, please forward my info.

btw in this vid when the camera closes in on Duncan Mcloud's eyes, that's what the wooshes feel like, that's how quick it qoes, some are minutes others seconds, others hours, days etc etc. No two wooshes are the same.

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