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April 24, 2013

I want to sue the LAPD for not being honest to the general public. To make change. I got a ticket, see details here The LAPD, last Monday.

As you can see no change, plus I tweeted them along with you and the LATimes.

I can't pay this ticket, I don't have the money, my rent comes first, yet there is no option for an extension of this fine nor a place on here for me to sign up to do community service at and they also don't have an email, who do I contact, how can I resolve this, how can I reach out to them for a resolution of this problem?

I told the police officer when he gave me the ticket, I didn't have money to pay it, I was on my way to a job interview, he said, no problem you can do community service.

They have the resources to communicate openly, honestly and directly on their website about this, yet they refuse to make change, my only option is court.

So, will you take this case? To make change on this, not just for me, but for everybody in the county of Los Angeles?

Screenshots tonight

Kathy Gold

Updated September 20, 2013

I was able to get an extension, 60 days to pay the ticket. I had a choice my rent or this ticket. So I paid the ticket. I got evicted, so I'm currently in court. Down in Santa Monica, the courts in the San Fernando Valley got closed and rerouted to Santa Monica, I was told it's now a hub. How are poor people gonna get from the Valley to Santa Monica, I guess take a bus? You know how long the ride is, to show up and make their case? I learned about this on my journey that started with the eviction process. I've never been evicted, 1st time in my life. Interesting journey to say the least. I pitched a bitch in the courtroom, pissed off the first judge and got what I asked for, a trial. I got to tell my side of the story. The whole thing should be done on September 25, 2013. This is the third time because the landlady set me up.

This landlady has issues, she doesn't care about the well being of her tenants and has neglected this property for 4 years, at least since I've lived here, she is the POA over her parents who own this property. There is cockroaches in my unit. I just recently found out, the disabled person in unit 2 sprays herself outside every week or month and then cleans the dead roaches outside off her porch. Since I've lived here for 4 years, nobody has sprayed. They are in the walls and I have the pictures to prove it. I also found out the 1st unit which is now vacant, the girl moved out like 2-3 months ago, got remodeled, the rent is gonna be $900.00 a month. The rest of us pay $700.00 a month for rent. So, one by one this landlady will make everybody's life a living hell so we all move so she can raise the rents. In my original lease they were responsible for paying the trash fee, I've been paying it thru the DWP for 4 years now, she made a big hoopla about it, I'll break that down maybe for now, as far as I'm concerned, that case is closed

Fine, I'll be moving. I found another place that is less rent, has parking space, I don't have to park on the street, has a pool, volleyball court, and they pay for the water, the trash, the pest control and sewage. They won't be having inspections every 3-4 weeks, giving tenants 24 hours notice because she wants to pin everything on the tenants as a way to enturublate and upset their lives. I'll be more happy, less stress and intrusion into my life. Her thing is you are unclean, move, it's all you, you and you. Ok. how easy to take pictures of somebody's unit when you are not there and things are in progress and twist and alter and pin it on the tenant. It's so petty, but this who she is.

I won't be here when someone else moves in and she pulls this on them, I'm sure they are gonna pop and kill her. Don't pin her murder on me. I did everything by the book. Legally, ethically and honestly. Court records to document my where abouts ok. Everybody has family and is connected to somebody.


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