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My Story by Kathy Gold

To Sumner Redstone

You failed my test, this life. I got my answers and my whys.

I have wondered, why I got taken out of the game pre OT3. What mistake did you make, how did you betray me? What did you do that was unethical that was justified that lead to my death. And why did you throw me under a bus then? Is this causing you pain? Oh well, not my fuckin problem.

Emotional blackmail, gimme me a fuckin break. I'm no fool. These are the things I never said to you in a galaxy far far away.

Or were you too busy fucking your mistress to give a shit about my well being? Wow, you ended up marrying her, big fuckin deal. Some things, can't be resolved, can't be repaired. Some people never change. Grounding yourself in sex when shit hit the fan? Pretty obvious. Easy to spot.

This is where I cut those ties forever. Had you been an ethical, honest, above board man, you would have done the right thing, but instead, you sat there, read and judged me. Computing away.

Tom's PTS to you, easy to spin. I'm not. It's not my problem that you are occluded and can't remember or refuse to. And I got your computations too, you met David Miscavige yourself, you assumed he went to court, the supreme court, to follow in your footsteps to impress you, so he could have more business from you. That might be true, but I do know one thing, his underlying reason, was this.

You sat there all those years, promoting this shit and now you see your end product.

The question you will have to ask yourself along with Harvey is, who in Hollywood is not on psych drugs?

You're not an artist, just an SP. You use artist's and degrade them for profit. Then, when you are done, you toss them aside like everybody else. I'm glad I got to see you for the real you. It took me 75 million years to confront your betrayal, but I did it. And now, I'm done. You were in my heart, as well as my soul while crossing the wall of fire. You were the first, I spotted.

While your soul gets fused and en-tombed in this rock, I go to target 3. From now on, I pick and choose my own family. No more accidents or mistakes. Jett loved you, that's why he came back. You betrayed us both, by your out 2d. Me and Jett will be safe from you for the next 1 billion years.

Don't think I didn't remember your hatred of Jett, pre OT3. You despised him, for more than one reason.

I confronted that too, along with all the pain of the truth. You were a rotten father, to hard, to mean, to critical, too many standards to live up to. I made allowances for you then, because you were my father. That's what daughters do. But in present time, I'm not your daughter and never will be ever again.

The universe did not have to end. Your end product, of your management team. There is no reason for revenge, that's petty and insane. Revenge won't free anyone's soul.

Updated December 22, 2013

So while crossing the wall of fire, I was getting concepts of the Wunderkins, Jewish Child Prodigies. I'm sure when Hitler and his croonie were trying to eval The Jews, they had their own research, and wanted to find out what made them tick etc etc. I didn't know about this, I found out on my journey of crossing the wall of fire.

Today I got my confirmation Gottfried Helnwein, he was on my lines on my personal myspace page. When shit crashed he started creating art. He was a Scientologist. Did you know, that when a real Nazi was gonna get elected in Austria, 20 or so years ago, he was so mad, he wrote an article, to stop him from getting elected, but nobody read it. So he created artwork to depict what the Nazi's did to the children. Now that got a response and people got pissed off and didn't vote for that Nazi. Just thought you might wanna know.

He too has been alerted to this website.

I believe he was a dad in that past life with Nikki, the first one in sequential order, earth, my dad LMAO. As for you, I got your comm too, she's my daughter. So, since I won't meet you this life, hopefully you'll go into the archives at paramount and maybe find some of the movie scripts LRH sold to this studio, perhaps you even bought some yourself, personally?

See if your son from OT3, left you some clues, hints, in the scripts themselves for you to figure out. For your eyes only. Crack some code. I know Paramount has an archives, everybody does. SOP. I hope to see you on target 3, the ground floor. It's gonna be fun LMAO.

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