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My Story by Kathy Gold

To Our Commander In Chief

Dear Sir,

I've got nothing on you or your life. You actually inspired me in the beginning of this whole thing in 2009. Watching your actions, helped me understand, who I am, who I really am.

And it's ok if you guys have Rev Al Freddie come up to the White House or Tom Cruise or another Scientologist to introduce Scientology to you guys. It's my religion. Of course I want you guys to go to target 3 lol Ok, A police state, please ok lol.

It's a past lives thing, I think you can figure out the rest lol. We'll never meet this life but I think you can guess who's who in the grand scheme of things. Who your big bro was lol My little blade lol. a hint, a clue for you.

Don't judge him so harshly, it's not been easy for him and he has major rage that will not go away, but he can use it to get to target 3 too instead of getting his soul infused and en-tombed into this rock.

I don't care what the republicans say, my mother by DNA didn't like you, I have a feeling that was one of the reasons she took me into the psych hospital lol

Funny how shit works huh lol. I'm glad I was there to witness it all. I know, your guys got my info already and handled shit. Plots, subplots etc.

And yeah, I know I'll never get an acknowledgement, but that's ok. I never did it for that. I did it, cause it was the right thing to do.

Sometimes, you are in the right place at the right time and it has nothing to do with money lol maybe, just maybe, good luck.

If I don't make it, I hope to see you on target 3 as well as the rest of your family. If not, have a good one.



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