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My Story by Kathy Gold


To My Zack This Life

My misunderstood bad boy whose ethics are in. I got rid of all the dead weight, guys that I've had bad past lives with that would stop me from meeting you.

We have great past lives together, same, gov programs, lot's including psych ops. At the end of the day, I know you would never let me die and have died for me. And if we met, you would flow me power towards my survival, with no strings attached.

No kids, we're both on the same page, we can see it coming a mile away in slow motion, the end of this civilization. Time for us to go my friend, target 3 is where it all starts.

Our life is gonna be great. We'll help the foster kids, you know I always said, mulatto babies are the cutest. I got some data in the area, these kids get $800.00 a month after they leave the foster care program, that's not enough to get a car, gas, food, apartment. So most end up on the streets, homeless, prostitution, dealing drugs, continuation of the status quo. And they did nothing wrong other then be born. Some kids are just orphaned cause their parents died, they have nobody. But they'll have us, baby. Instead of helping 2 kids by dna, we'll be helping thousands.

Yeah, I know, it's a turn on. You turn me on, you always have. You're gonna be part of that journey and yeah we'll hunt pedafiles, and take em out of the game legally. Feel free to get the data on my ex's Jeff Gold and Jon Mackinder. You know trial and error. And for desert, my family by DNA this life. Remember, I want pics, video when they are financially wiped out LMAO. Boy is that gonna rev my engines.

Only you will be in my heart and soul. My soulmate this life. I love you.

Updated July 10, 2013

I'm gonna adopt a little girl from foster care and I want you to be her father. Just the three of us, maybe she'll come into the family business. You never know. We can get out of non e as pedafile hunters, help the fosterkids for free, then free PR to pick up rich clients, I'll let you handle the money and how much each job is worth. Our home by the ocean, or ranch, big huge backyard, in case you want to adopt a little boy from fostercare. The kid's rooms can be away from the main house, so they won't hear us go at it, they can have their own little houses on the property, private, secluded for them. Enough room for an organic garden, dogs, cats, birds. My own art studio and a playroom for the kids, a big one, enough space for their toys and entertainment, movies, vid games, plasma TV, stereo etc etc. And of course a big garage for our cars, my hitman, my shooter. My best friend this life.

Updated July 14, 2013

Change of plans babe, I'm leaving. I'll see you on target 3.

Updated July 23, 2013

I'll see you, when I see you. xoxo The Countess Krak

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