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My Story by Kathy Gold

To My Big Brother From Another Life

Dear Michael,

This is where my journey ends, you were the last of it. For now, I'm staying put, but you, you have bigger fish to fry. So I wanted to tell you. Whether you believe me or not, and yeah it is weird for you but not for me. I could feel you and I was grounding myself in you, to keep me strong. Your saying not mine, the equation, now take that out of the equation. I got confirmation on you the other day. I overheard you. And about my eyes, my big brown soulful eyes, Ted said the same thing. Another family member, past lives.

I hope you can see past my skin color and see my soul. I hope to see you on target 3, so please cross the wall of fire before you turn 40 ok. Hole yourself up and let it rip. This website is here for you too, so you can read, hat yourself and obtain cause over your exteriorization.

I love you big bro, just remember that. I'll see you when I see you. Shit goes fast, so don't read into it, we both have our own journeys. Just remember to ground yourself in your implanter training. It will all come back to you. Look at our dad from that life ok or reach out to him if you need help. ok. I can't answer your questions, I'm a woman, not a man. But he can. If you split on your journey, and I never hear from you again, just know, it's ok. You are extremely smart, brilliant and you're playing a game that's way to small for you. But that's your choice.

Kathy Gold

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