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My Story by Kathy Gold

To Jett, My Soulmate, My Love,My Life 5

Hey Babe,

Where I moved, outside my door, I could see the penthouse where we played Cinderella with the mob boys. I remembered you watching me, me watching you, the starving artist LOL. Psych ops days.

I miss you. There is no man here that comes close to you in any way shape or form. They are all cowards, liars and cheaters.

When I walk to the post office, and I see the penthouse, it reminds me of you. I went wholetrack on this landmark. Different times, different games, different players, even you getting dropped off by guys on the force, helicopter while I was here in this shit hole ok. I can only imagine you laughing ok.

Overlays on top of overlays but I worked through it. Even when I was pregnant, that's why you got a ride. They dropped you off, faster to get to me. I miss you so much. I wish you were here. You were a great father. Police state, lock down, emergency, don't leave. You made sure I was ok and so did the boys on the force. They were like we'll drop you off here so you can get to your wife faster. The streets are blocked off. I couldn't wait to see you that day. I miss you. I'll see you on target 3. I love you,


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