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My Story by Kathy Gold

To Jett, My Soulmate, My Love,My Life 2

Hey Babe,

Looks like I'm not going anywhere lol Except for up the conditions. I thought about you a couple of days ago. My case turned on, got the comm, yeah, we will have a government that we can trust. I can't wait.

Hope you are having fun over there with my dad. Miscavige is dramatizing his OT3 case. He's gonna turn the church you put there into a catholic ministry, they bought KCET and are moving Golden Era Productions to LA, away from Int management. I think he's gonna collect 10% from everybodies monthly income in addition to the charges for services. I think that business model will work in the year 2012 and keep everybody contributing to their church instead of doing drama rama on church grounds. Keeps them busy and working hard. He can even make it 9-5 for all sea org staff and give them the weekends off. Tom and Katie broke up, I realized, you were working with Tommy, to repair his case and gave him a program that he was working on before shit hit the fan.

Anyhoo, I think of you almost everyday. I wish you were here lol. I miss you. Can't wait to see you and play our game.

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