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My Story by Kathy Gold

To Jett, My Favorite Psych

Dear Jett,

Hope you are well, on target 3. Me, I don't know. I decided I'm not gonna have kids this life. I wanted to have them but I realized it's just not in the cards for more then one reason.

I know you wanted me to have my stable 2d, with kids etc etc. I don't mind really, instead I came up with another game. I'm gonna have a race for the foster kids, help them. And in addition to that, I think I'll meet my soulmate this life. I have some journeys to go on in the meantime, should be fun, drama rama, meet some old friends, I don't think anything will pan out on a 2d level. I think the race will bring him out to play.

I figure, I'll be hot, rich, up the conditions, PR city, etc etc. I was thinking to hold court, the best man wins my heart. I figured, out of 1 billion people, at least 1 million guys will show up, for marriage, this life. It's just a numbers game really.

I went to fish dish, had cajun snapper with rice and cole slaw. As I was almost done eating, there was a family of four. They had a little girl, they were asian. She was so adorable, she reminded me of our girls. I spotted one of our girls from that life. She's well aware of me. Her younger sister, I have no idea, maybe I'll be meeting her in one of my journeys. The girl was too cute, so rambunctious, so sassy, so headstrong, so full of life, so independent and very animated.

Anyway, gotta run. Hope you're having fun killing bugs or whatever the fuck you're doing.


Updated June 29, 2013

I had a cog today, I'm gonna adopt from the Asian Federation. A little girl, probably she's 3, 4, 5 or 6, I don't know. She's in an orphanage and I don't want her to die there, with no hope of adoption into a family. So, I'm gonna do it. I don't know how, that's part of the journey to walk.

I also pulled in your mom on my art twitter account, she's one of the first people I pulled in when I opened that account and I tweeted your dad on my personal account. I ran into your brother on the ground floor. He's an asshole ok, broken agreements all over the place ok.

Updated July 3, 2013

So, while crossing the wall of fire, Jan Eastgate was having some drama rama of her own, this little girl, her mother and her daughter came to Jan for help, her father was molesting her and she told them not to go to the police, not to do the right thing. It was big thing in the press. At that same time, I was going off the rails emotionally, all I kept saying to myself and out loud, a little girl, a little girl, while tears were streaming down my face. I got my confirmation thru the press but I knew deep down there was more layers to peel on this and I just knew not to go there. I spotted everybody from this life except one. Our youngest daughter, no where to be found. I've been looking since I spotted everybody else. She's the only one missing. I grounded myself in my mob track for more then one reason. I think she was dying when I was crossing the wall of fire, pedafilia. I was going nuts and I knew I had to focus on other things not her. The other day, I got the last of it, all I could hear was her, mommy, mommy. I know she's safe with you on target 3, take good care of her, until I arrive, ok. I love you.

So, I decided I'm probably gonna adopt a little girl from fostercare and if she's a victim of pedafilia, I'll still take her. I don't care. If they put her on psych drugs, I'll get her off them, I'll have her do a purif and I'll C/S her folder. She'll be ok and I'll hat her on crossing the wall of fire so when it comes to her time, she can cross on her own and either survive or drop the bod and split, where ever she desires, any where in the universe. Total spiritual freedom. Full cause. I'll make sure, she's an orphan. So nobody will spin her and she knows, I'm her mother, this life. She'll get homepathic doctors, great education, whatever her goals are, her dreams, I will help her, flow power to them to help her achieve them. And of course a psych drug free life! These asshole cookie cutter psychs will not make my daughter a degraded being so they can make money. Her soul is not for sale!

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