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My Story by Kathy Gold

To Doreen Russell

When you had Karen cash both checks, even the one post dated for November 15, 2012, it made my account overdrawn, including my savings, I have no money, my utilities are due, they are already late, I was gonna bring them current so they don't turn off my lights. My cable is also over due, after one month, they shut it off. You cut my comm by depositing that check, if there was a problem, it was your responsibility to communicate, talk, work it out, but instead you chose not to.

I'm not gonna do anything, This unit is a dump, cockroach infested, mold infested and the gas from the stove, I get headaches everyday, that's why my door is open so I don't breath it. Now you cut my comm, I have no money for food, for water, Torie won't be giving me food, her & Karen's computation along with I'm looking for past life nazi's from facebook. The guy she's fucking on the side btw was also stalking me on facebook..

When my telephone and internet are cut off, that will be the end of my life. I've been on the phone, making cold calls, 50-100 a day, working more then 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was hoping to come out of non e and make enough money to move etc etc. But you cut my comm, so I will die here, because of your actions, your evil purposes of wishing for my death. Don't worry, your death will not be swift, no, you will suffer, long and painful LMAO. You helped this church kill me. They killed me in 1998 and in 2012 you did it, my mother will now do what she does, go for the money, her operating basis, let somebody else kill me and collect the money. You people are all weird and stupid. After you all die, you will burn to the bone for 1 billion years, whether you believe it or not. I don't care. My mother will make sure to get pics of my body, my dead body in this unit for evidence, she's no fool. It will now be your problem LMAO Actually both you and Karen's problem.

And the police will wonder where those markings came from and they will trace this down and realize you killed me and you will go to jail both criminal and civil including Karen. The physical evidence and motive. It will be criminal first then civil, all assets to be seized. I have a feeling both you and Karen have committed crimes in present time that you don't want anyone to know about, including murder, and the police will find it. Possibly somebody from Washington and maybe dumped the body here. Her husband's indicators were out when I met him, he was spinning, bigtime, his eyes were swollen, tears forming, spinning.

Bitch, in a past life, I never met you, I never went wholetrack on you or her. Don't know you or her but I do know one thing, your actions, showed me who you both really are, pedafiles, child murderers, it makes sense. So yeah, look for that kid she's fucking, if he's disappeared, maybe she killed him already. Or it could be her mother and father up in Washington, she's been waiting for them to die, she became their caretaker. She's probably killing them, slowly, what else money. They are old and disabled, per Karen they are gonna move back here and live in the main house that Doreen's trying to rent for $1600.00 but they keep showing the house to people. I'm gonna assume she wants her parents dead so she can own all the properties, free and clear properties, motive.

Normal people don't act this way, they talk, communicate. They don't cash a post dated check for this little. They knew, Karen lives in Pasadena. Trying to kill me to hide their evidence of crimes in present time, real crimes. And well, after I'm dead, the police will figure it out, guess what Doreen and Karen, you pulled it in. Pretty cool huh, both of you are fucked and I'm free. Thanks. LMAO. I doubt I'll pull in the money, meaning close a deal, so my lights will be turned off, I have no gas in my car, can't drive anywhere. The next thing to go is my cable, internet & phone, $318.00 is due, I don't have it. The money I had that you took for $200.00 was for food and gas, and the money that came in went for bank charges over $100.00. You killed me.I'm wiped out, I have 0 in my savings and 0 in my checking. You killed me.

I will die here because of your actions. Life shouldn't be this hard, it's not normal behavior to do this to a tenant that was late one time with their rent. Which I paid their extra late fee charge the following month. That's an outpoint.

Updated June 6, 2013

Doreen, you're an idiot LMAO. This kid dropped by to tell me the other day, I believe the kid here, to tell me, that to Doreen, it's just business, it's nothing personal, your a client. I told him, I'm a tenant and what she did was not ok. Killing my business for $200.00. Real mob, would have also flown power to me, business, secure rent LMAO. That kid looked sickly ok, pale white, like he had cancer, his hair was shaved, baseball cap, OT3. She's killing him. He also now lied and said he's been a property owner for 18 years in Washington. Poor kid, she's taken advantage of him. She found him on the streets in Washington and took him in.

You know it's strange cause she's a Jew, she's happy knowing I won't have kids this life, as a Jew, a real Jew she should have flown me power but instead she opted to kill me, for $200.00. That's an outpoint. I know she's really a pedafile, I missed her withhold. That was all. Doreen, once you're dead, you're going into this rock for 1 billion years. And there's nothing you can do about it LMAO You're fucked LMAO

And while I'm here, don't worry, the new owners will get all the data and I'm sure they'll put 2+2 together, you didn't fully disclose in escrow, so lawsuit my dear, against you. Btw, Doreen has more property, so open season. Take it all and have fun LMAO.

Updated September 11, 2013

After a 1 1/2 years of hard work, cold calling and walking door to door to pass out my marketing material, my business was starting to take off, and as it was taking off, Doreen cashed my checks. In court, in the hallway, today, she told me, it was all my fault, me, me, me. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that she refused to communicate. I've never given her 2 checks before. This was something new. I haven't written a post dated check in over 20 years, how would I know the banks don't honor that anymore. I grew up in a time when the banks did. If she was a normal person, meaning not trying to set others up for failure and stab in the back etc etc, she would have said, why the two checks? Not just cash. So she blindsided me. I didn't do anything wrong, I trusted that she would communicate. I was wrong, that decision lead to my downfall here. Out of business. I lost all my resources to do my business. Such a small amount too.

When you least expect it Doreen, you'll be dead LMAO You'll never see it coming LMAO. The pain you caused me, you are gonna feel. You wanted me to feel the pain, the hurt, the loss of what happened to me in Aug/Sept of 1998 again in a new unit of time, I'm gonna fuck you up, get a restraining order, nobody will know it was me LMAO they'll have to prove it LMAO no dna, no fingerprints, hmmmm poison, no trace LMAO. Doreen is a pedafile ok, this is who she really is, her past lives, I missed her withhold and she wanted me dead, by killing my source of income, wow, I'm outta of this dump LMAO Thanks, now I don't have to bring it current. Wow, another judgement LMAO, big deal, I'm never gonna pay it LMAO like the other one LMAO. I'll be like everybody else now, LMAO and if I get my hands on a shit load of money, I'm not gonna pay you off, no, I'm gonna hire out the job, easier if you are actually dead LMAO still don't have to pay LMAO. That's what you get for ruining, destroying my business, my hard work, down the drain. My honest, ethical, hard work, roll up the sleeves kind.

November 10, 2013

You know Doreen, I've been thinking since I'm now out of that dump of a unit, oh that's right you remodeled it for more rent, $200.00 more rent a month, funny, I asked you to remodel when I was living there, you refused. Instead you destroyed my source of income and got me evicted by lying in court. Anybody would be upset, angry, that's the correct emotion to have under these circumstances, bullying me, abusing me. It's natural and normal. Nobody likes to be bullied and abused and of course discriminated against because of my reigion, Scientology.

I changed my mind, I decided to have a journey, Judicial. You're gonna go to jail for perjury, it's against the law to lie in court and that's what you did, along with Matt. I also noticed one of my hard drives was missing. It was right before I moved out. I know it was you and/or Matt, my artwork what else was on that hard drive. You had the keys. No forced entry. Theft, that's against the law too.

Remember Matt, when you left the towel handle on the front lawn, and the next day it was missing. You said someone stole it. Really why on earth would anybody steal that? They didn't you're making shit up just like you did in court. The cockroaches, you boldly flat out lied to the judge and told him my unit was the only one with cockroaches, but in reality, Unit 1 had them too. I have the proof, the evidence, now. You'll be going to jail too along with Doreen.

Btw that staring contest of you and Matt before we saw the 1st Judge was really really weird. I know you were trying to intimidate me, Tom Cruise and his ashtray staring with Marc Headley. And then again lying in court about being afraid of me. Yet you both ganged up on me in court, one woman, who was a victim of this church. You assumed you could take advantage of me and continue to abuse me because this church did it too. And it was really weird to say that I was offensive to you about your religion, it never happened, again making things up in court. I'm also Jewish like you. My mother's family was in the Holocaust, so I was offended when you even brought that up. It was disgusting, like how you and Matt treated me. Perfect example, Matt showed up finally to fix that leak, instead of fixing it, he shrugged his shoulders and took pictures of the leaking shower. He never fixed it, but walked away. He didn't care. You forced me to live in those conditions. By the time the Building and Health came out, you fixed it, but that was like 7 days in between. You forced me to live like that for 2 weeks. You did that. That's just one of the many things you did to me. I felt like my grandfather in the concentration camps. You are a nazi.

Matt you could have just told the truth in court like the 2nd time we were there. Remember that day, when the judge asked you, your version of what happened and after you started telling the truth, Doreen turned around with the entire chair she was sitting in and yelled at you in the courtroom, Ahh! Matt, what are you doing? If she's some how intimidating you too, you should contact the police. Tell them. They will understand, Tori told me how Doreen took you in from foster care. If she's making you do things you don't want to do, you need to tell the authorities, they will help you.

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