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To Be A Gallery Artist Full Time

Here's what I'll need, a home, a studio, computers, giclee printer, canvas, frames etc etc. It's not cheap, it's an investment. Now in addition to that, you have to promote and market. People don't buy art online, not in volume. It doesn't look the same from online and offline, they return, your image, your picture didn't translate to the product in real life. Here's the problem, it's their computer, their computer screen, their browser etc etc you can't be everything to everybody, it's impossible.

Not everybody upgrades their computer or their browsers, if you assumed the internet user upgrades, they don't, they don't have time, they are busy working and living their own lives.

So, you'll have to go into galleries all across the planet. To do that, you have to get out of non-e with the gallery owners, sending them your art, across the globe, your money, your time to print out, postage and canvass, frame etc etc. For the most part they will say no, 98% will say no for whatever reason. So that's alot of money down the drain. They don't return LMAO oh no, go to court or zip it, eat it and continue playing this game.

When you get out of non-e after years of doing this, and you actually go into a gallery, they take 50%-70% cut, so it's not profitable. It cost money to print out on Giclee, canvass, ink, paint, time etc etc. One painting isn't gonna do it. You have to be in power, meaning selling in abundance to be profitable. It can happen but you have to start when you are really young, 1 out of a gazillion gallery artist's make it. Meaning doing this full time and being financially sustainable. It's not about not being good enough, it's about over coming obstacles to obtaining your goals, so this would be a side project, something else to do. To be good at your craft you have to do it over and over and over again, have many journeys.

So that's what it will take and I just don't have the time, I have to come up the conditions financially to facilitate that, myself. Being famous doesn't sell art ok, it just gets people to see it, that's all. Nobody knows what makes people part with their wallets in regards to purchasing art, they either like it or they don't. You can't manipulate people into purchasing art.

So, it's just a numbers game, more people see it, you'll have more sales. Sure there is alot of problems, you'll have to take the reins in your art, gallery owners who fuck you over, steal your shit, don't pay you, tell you it's trashed when they sold it to pay their rent, they are criminals, they know it, but it's all justified, they have to eat, pay their rent because the artist before you flaked out, get it. Let's not talk about the line of coke that owner snorted in the back at one of his parties with some girl or guy to close the deal on some piece of stupid artwork, fingerpainting ok, that some lame artist made and he/she said I like it, hmmmm. That owner's in, hey baby, let me show you something here in the back, btw do you like champagne or beer? LMAO

So, that's the game here ok, so yeah, boring, yawn LMAO

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