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My Story by Kathy Gold

To All The Gossips

The trades LMAO, looking for dirt to spin to make a buck or two. Keeping digging. Eventually, you might find it, or not.

Do you homework, a real investigation and above all, get the pics.

You can't blackmail someone on past lives but you can restim them, introvert them so bad, they will pop when they died. Go ahead, make your money cause when you die, your soul will be fused and en-tombed into this rock too. Again LMAO You should be so proud of yourself, making money off other people's desmise. That comes with a price, called your soul.

Updated October 15, 2013

Thank you to TMZ and Radar Online, without you guys, I wouldn't have been able to crack my case. Big kiss and let's let it all play out, shall we or LMAO :)

And of course to Perez Hilton, the Britney files LOL

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