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To All Real Fleet Members

For those of you new to this website, OT3, US Federation Fleet members will get my father's comm, corrdinates, longitude and latitude to target 3, The Jewish Federation. When you drop your bod and go exterior. You'll just know, so don't worry, it's all good. How else do you think LRH figured it out LMAO.

For non fleet members, go by God, put your faith and trust in him.

For all other Fleet members of different federations, dude I don't know, I'm US Federation. You'll have to have a journey.

Updated November 4, 2013

Confirmation, which one is target 3? Real fleet, whose ethics are in, you've got nothing to worry about, enjoy the ride, ok, the stars, the galaxy, the milky way etc etc. Learn from Scott's mistakes ok. He's fucked, reality

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