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My Story by Kathy Gold

To All Criminals

My religion was a way out for you too. To go up a bridge and handle your implants, you know down the wholetrack, pre earth when you broke the law and murdered someone, embezzled money etc etc.

It's too late, if you really want to reform, stop breaking the law and apply the ethics book, go to court to make positive change on your dime, your time.

Don't wanna, don't have time. Fine. I don't care, it's not my soul, it's yours. This religion is on it's way out, they are not expanding, they are shrinking. Look at them. Do you see new missions, a better society, a better environment?

No, everybody is too busy working, struggling to survive, to live. Staff and sea org are just regular people, common, ordinary, average people.

I figured it out, it's easier this way, no fuss, no muss, after you die, your soul will get enfused and en-tombed into this rock, for 1 billion years. It's a whole lot easier then to help 7 billion people, not enough resources, not enough money and time.

You can thank Big Pharma and the Psychiatric industry. They have made it ok for nobody to take any responsibility and accountability for their actions, just pop a pill. And life doesn't work that way, there is no magic pill that will cure you and handle your life. Only you can handle your life, besides, you know you, better than anybody else.

This planet will die out, mankind is on it's way out, GMO's, no more babies. It's a fact of life, reality.

Updated September 16, 2012

Who wants a pardon off this rock? Huh? As you can see, the three wisemen, let me down, thereby letting mankind down, who wants to save mankind and obtain your freedom, cause over your exteriorization?

The choice is yours, your journey, your path, can you get the job done? If not for you, then maybe for your family, your children, your children's children. End of the line, planet earth, target 1

Updated May 20, 2013

If nobody get's the tech, then you're all fucked LMAO if you get off this rock, target 2 is where you will go, a police state. Have fun, slavery. You can't say, you never got a heads up LMAO not real fleet from OT3, then target 2 is where you are going LMAO. Like I said, God has a sense of humor LMAO

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