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Everything on this website, is me expressing my feelings, my free speech. If you read into it and assumed you could use my words against me. You're wrong. The people on this website that fucked me over will not obtain cause over their exeteriorization, they refuse to take responsibility and accountilibity for their actions,

Instead what I got was attacked, overtly, covertly. They assumed since I was a victim of this church, that I could be used as their punching bag. Wrong move on their part. They condenmed their own soul into this rock for 1 billion years with no hope of redemption. These people don't believe they have a soul, they believe they have one life and in that life it's all about harming others. These types of people my religion can't help and would be out qualified to receive it. They don't change in their behavior and continue to harm others on a daily basis.

These types of people are best on psych drugs. Keep them out of present time and let them do themselves in.

I'm still a scientologist because I apply my religion. I'm not part of this church or their group.

This website will stay here as a reminder of what happened to me in Aug/September of 1998. Real crimes were committed and Justice was perverted. You can't go back in time and recount your mistakes, your regrets.

What would I have done differently, had I known all of this, then? Everything. Starting with, I would have never reached out and asked my church for help in Aug/September 1998.

September 12, 2013

Updated October 6, 2013

Final word, nobody in real life leaves a church or temple and gives up their religion, telling others they are no longer Christian, or Catholic or Jewish. They are sitll Christian, Catholic and Jewish. Only in this church, I see everybody leaving and giving up their faith for whatever reason. As soon as they leave, they are no longer Scientologists, this is what they put in their press releases or websites. I'm not these people, I am still a Scientologist, I apply my religion.

So I guess they were never real Scientologists to begin with like Jon Mackinder and just wanted to be part of that community for more then one reason. I call them cowards including people like Lisa Marie Presley and Leah Remini. How easy to just give up your faith and walk.

A little heads up, all sexual content on this website should be viewed from a clinical viewpoint, it's not meant to arouse sexually. If you get a sexual arousal, I suggest you go to a psychiatrist and get psych drugs to cure your illness.

Updated October 9, 2013

These people on my website are my past, not my present nor my future. The future is not set in stone nor written. Never regret yesterday for life is in you today and you make your own tomorrow. I look forward to meeting and marrying my future husband, now that I know what I want it's gonna be so fun and exciting, that is the mission LMAO not a mission impossible, not anymore.

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