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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Tech On Titanium Plates At CST

Per my investigation, these justice cycles are going around and around in a spin lol It's all internal, their own people, getting paid off for more than one reason, see my justice cycle and not going to court to make change. Just going to court for money, both sides. No case gain. Just personal gain. Or no personal case gain.

Everybody involved. Court is not for profit. Civil court is to make change. It's too expensive, we're not rich, we are just people. lol.

Wollersheim, please that guy made money fighting a church, he made a profit. He read the OT levels lol He never crossed the wall of fire lol. Instead he blamed the church for his mental condition. Oh well, must suck to be him huh lol. He bought a nice boat, said it's a cult. He never put a non profit organization there to help others of his religion. Instead he abandoned his religion, his faith. And continued to perpetuate lies about my faith, my religion.

This game is done. David Miscavige, well done, on securing the Tech. It's here for mankind if somebody wants to audit themselves, read etc etc. They'll have to find it lol. Treasure Hunt.

Hanover, the top money earners, bought ASI Prints so that David Miscavige and his crew could do this project. Secure the Tech for all Mankind. It's secure now. Per Marty Rathbun, the money was already there, but David Miscavige spent that money on a bad investment deal when he was the ED of ASI. His solution for making that mistake was to sell Limited Editions of prints for the Science Fiction works of LRH.

Tommy Davis, in his interviews, titanium watches.

"As with similar vaults farther north in California, in New Mexico"

We will already be gone, we won't need it. We have cause over our exteriorization. You'll have to find it, dig it up. learn it, use it and apply it. We're not coming back.

It also might not be in the vault, Senior Management, including David Miscavige is out of present time, on his own case, his own overts, transgressions in present time. And not taking responsibility or accountability for them, case and point me lol see my story, my side. They have fucked over other parishoners ok, I am not the only one. They just refuse to apply their own religion, amends, making a wrong thing right, for present time overts, transgressions. They just cut comm with you or blow you off, if you don't follow their instructions or orders. Following their orders, their instructions can get you killed, litterly, see my story, my side, I almost died ok. They have no empathy or compassion, they assume they are safe because they hold the key to the tech, ok. Like Marty Rathbun said in his interviews. At any given time, your eternity is gone if somebody within that organization doesn't like you, who elected these people God? Nobody, they are playing God and that's a no no.

It will take a long time to find it, then more time to learn it, even more time to use it. Those last 5 minutes won't help you.

And somebody could have already stolen it, for money, personal gain. Google Titanium, how many searches a month, how much is it worth, etc etc. Thieves don't care about anyone but themselves lol. No way off this rock for them either lol. Oh well. Not my fuckin problem. lol.

Anonymous, well done, you won, nobody will have cause over their exteriorization, including you, doesn't that make you feel good? lol I thought so, no amends, no case gain, you are now mankind's SP's lol The game will be to get you. Oh well huh lol People gotta get their release, including all Law Enforcement. lol. After all, they gotta have something to do while crossing the wall of fire lol Hunt them down boys lol and have fun at their expense, restim the hell out of them lol and then jail lol

Anonymous = Jokers and Degraders lol Dumbassess lol You fucked yourselves bigtime lol for all eternity lol

They are racist haters that want to play the racist hater game in washington.


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