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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Tech Is Corrupted

Back when Tom and Nicole were married, they had a fantasy to fuck in a field of flowers. So, David Miscavige made their fantasy come true. He used Sea Org personnel to do it.

This was done up at int management, archives where the tech, the Scientology Religion is stored. Non celebrity normal every day average scientologists don't have access to int management, you have to go through security checks just to go up there. No out 2d history.

I spoke to Sinar Parman personally and got confirmation, one of the sea org personnel, a woman was woken up in the middle of the night, to go out and purchase calamine lotion because Nicole had posion ivy all over her body. The rumors are true.

Who knows what other fantasies Tom Cruise has with his new wife, Katie Holmes, fucking in archives on top of the tech itself. The holy scriptures?

The man who credits himself as saving Scientology for mankind, will go down in history as the one who destroyed it, due to his own lack of ethics and morals. David Miscavige.

It's disgusting and perverted. Don't go near a church of Scientology again. Do it yourself, in your own home and get to target 3. They are on their way out as a group.

Updated September 13, 2012

Tom and Katie are now divorced, was this one of the reasons, that made Katie leave Tom too? She didn't want to fulfill his fantasy?

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