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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Summer of 1982

Best summer ever. What can I say, every day was a fuckin party. I had a bus pass, so at Vanowen and Hazeltine, I got the bus to Van Nuys Blvd or walked to Van Nuys Blvd, from there caught another bus to The Sherman Oaks Galleria and from there another bus for over the hill and then out at Westwood in front of the Federal building. Then either another bus or hitched a ride to Pier 17.

Everybody hitched, we did it in a group. We hung out, smoked pot or hash or drank beer, we got our beer pimped, gave some dude some money, hey, buy us some beer, ok. No prob. Not that hard. We were in our teens, I was 15 1/2.

On the way home, got buses back. But this time we asked for money, oh please can you help us out, we're from the Valley and don't have any money to get back home, we all had our bus passes in our pockets. Most people were like sure, here's some money LMAO.

So, we'd get back to the Valley, Sherman Oaks Galleria stop, then over to McDonalds, food time. We were able to pay for that from the money we bummed off of people.

As I got on the bus either in the morning or in the afternoon, I could do it by myself. At each stop my friends would get on or get off. I knew a shit load of people. It was fun and I never had to wait LOL. You know that, come on let's go you're fucking taking too long. I didn't have that problem, I just hopped on the bus and everybody was already there.

So then I'd go home, take a shower, maybe a nap and then out the door, over to Castle Golfland for more partying and hanging out. We all hung out in the parking lot. There were no cages then. We all played video games, centipide was Karen Kitching's fav, mine was Donkey Kong. We rarely played mini golf. It was boring. We'd get stoned LMAO and talk. Man so much drama rama, everybody's including mine. One time this was after me and Rich broke up, I got high, it was a bong but it had the revolver with six places to smoke from. Everybody knew me and Rich broke up ok, he was my first. So they were like ok, load it up LMAO. Nobody wanted me to be unhappy. So, I smoked em all down. Man was I wasted.

So then I got up really really quick. And I started walking up the ramp to go inside to play some video games and I got in and the manger was there, but I saw double, two of him, so I decided to go down the middle and then I fainted, the next thing I knew I was outside and all my friends were like handling me, to make sure I was ok. Everybody had my back. Marjuana is a hallucinogen, did you know that. I didn't smoke that much pot, usually just a few tokes and I was flying high ok.

Usually James Ashton and crew gave us all a ride home. They all had their own cars, Trans Ams. They made sure we all got home. I either went home or I slept over at Karen's house. I'd just call my mom and tell her, I'm not coming home tonight, I'm sleeping at Karen's and she was like that's fine. All I had to do was call her so she knew I was alive. Karen lived down the street from Fulton Jr. High. We'd get the munchies and we'd eat toast, with butter and knottsberry farms boysenberry jam. Man I loved that. It was so good.

Updated July 5, 2013

How I met Desi. Ingrid was staying at my house. She was kicked out on the street and had no where to go, so I told her, you can hang at my house. She was smaller then me, indian. But a drama rama queen. One day at golfland, she was like OMG, Desi is gonna kill me, awwwww. I'm like WTF? She's like gonna kill me ok, and I'm like why? She gave me some story so I decided to investigate it myself, after all, she was staying at my house. I didn't need her to get beaten up or killed.

So, I found out who Desi was, she was like 5'9 or maybe 6'0, Tall blonde girl. I walked up to her, "Are you Desi"? I asked and she's like yeah. I'm like ok, Ingrid is staying at my house, what's the deal? Desi was in shock, ok. Desi had a reputation, people were afraid of her, but I wasn't, not only that, I was 5'2 96 pounds, meaning little, petite. So, Desi told me the whole story. Ingrid was selling beautys for her and ripped her off. She told me if this chick is staying at your house, get her the fuck out, she'll rip you off blind. I took her advice cause Ingrid's story didn't pan out. And through that encounter, me and Desi became friends. Desi was going out with Mike Todd at that time, blond hair dude. Me, Desi and Rochelle hung out, Rochelle and Desi were best friends. Rochelle later got killed in a car accident, she was driving behind a big rig and that truck stopped, she got beheaded. I remember Desi was really sad. I on the other hand felt disconnected, I didn't know Rochelle well enough to cry. Anyway, weeks later, I was gonna do some acid, Desi was selling it. I told her, I'm ready to do it and she looked at me and was like no way jose, I'm not gonna let you do acid. You won't be able to handle it, you're a light weight. I was like ok, dude. That's cool. She go it, she didn't want me to die or flip out. Now had I took any acid, I would have been out qualed for the Sea Org.

Before Rochelle died, when I hung out with them, we all played quarters, one time we took robin's nests, another version of speed and then drank LMAO. It was bad but it was fun. We all loved hanging out at Balboa park and then Woodley.

Rich drama rama. He was the first guy I slept with. He also gave me my first O. Heavy petting LMAO. He never gave me an O during intercourse. But he did love taking showers with me. Yummy. It was fun. We weren't together very long. When we were together, he didn't want me going out to Golfland, he wanted me to stay home with him and smoke pot, I was like no and would hitch over there or take the bus. The last thing I wanted to do was sit on my ass, smoking pot, boring as hell. He was from florida, blonde hair, blue eyes, surfing, skating pot boy, my california guy. He love Led Zepplin. We broke up because, I went to the beach and I fell asleep, I got a 2nd degree sunburn. The next day, I woke up with blisters all on my lips, can you say herpes ok but not. I was like OMG, I can't leave the house, this sucks. So for one week, I wouldn't leave my house, Ingrid was living with me. She'd go out. I wouldn't. I told Rich on the phone what happened. I guess he didn't believe me ok and assumed I had some guy at my house ok. He on the other hand went out with his friend, the one that stole that necklace for me, and 2 other girls ok. So I think Rich cheated behind my back. Anyway, he broke up with me on the phone towards the end of that week. I was really upset. I think I cried for like a 1/2 hour LMAO. I was like whatever, I always knew the 2nd guy I slept with, would be my husband. Wow, I lost my virginity, big fuckin deal. Anyway, so I went to my hang out, golfland and guess who started showing up, every fuckin night, eyeing me, staring at me, stalking me? Rich. He never went before, but now, all of a sudden, there he is, every fuckin night. I guess he wanted to see who the other guy was, only there was no other guy LMAO. Drama rama.

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