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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Real Countess Krak

That would be past lives, a soul. I'll break down Mission Earth. And then Battlefield Earth lol.

For now, let's just say, The Countess, Royalty, Hapsburg, on this planet. connected to the Catholic Church. But now she's Royalty Free lol

It was not an easy life for Hapsburgs ok, you assume they were all happy, they weren't lol
But now, she's permanently free of the Catholic Church lol

And Beethoven is here, he's still a genius, I couldn't have figured it out without him and his music.

He's gay too lol or bi lol look at the vids, each vid tells a story
no music, just observe, what do you see?

1st vid he was married.

The 2nd vid, look at her left nose, blood, drugs perhaps?

3rd vid look at the Olympic Symbol, what does that look like to you?

This was back in 2009 after I got put into jail for for going into my own church.

I was exterior and started crossing the wall of fire. I noticed a common denominator when shit hit the fan, all the artists start talking, either in books, PR, whatever, confessing but not going to a church or a shrink. They all make money, confessing their crimes. But no case gain. No relief, no release.

It was pure ethics 101, or standard textbook, Ethics tech that is lol

Btw gay priests make the best code crackers, bible code that is lol when they're under the gun, they can crack anything lol Except their case lol.

Even the Pope is no fool, he can see this coming a mile away in slow motion lol.

He goes by time capsules lol, that's why they always hook up with a hospital, see the donor's pics on the wall lol :)

They take notes during a meltdown or exorcism lol

Babe Corleone and The Countess Krak are the same woman, same soul, different past lives lol

In present time, there are no records, the communists destroyed records, no trace, no evidence lol good news for me lol

Before my father's meltdown, there's a whole story to that he grabbed me, shook me and said, you're royalty, I was little like 12.

I told my mother years later and she said, he's crazy.

Big ole catholic family from my father's side lol

But my food allergies might be a hint, I'm allergic to soy, egg whites and wheat, a combination of all three.

And on my grandfather's side, hungarian mob lol They're gone too.

In scientology, we used to say, in your life you are dramatizing your case, your past lives, easy to spot lol

When I wrote this in 2008 My Immortal Beloved I wrote it with Jon Mackinder in mind, but as I continued on in my journey looking for my soulmate I realized who I really wrote it for. The real one lol.

Me and Jon back in 1998 when we were together. I told him about this movie, with Gary Oldman and we talked about playing that game. I would be the Hungarian Countess and he could be Beethoven. We even talked about going to Vienna, to find the other letters. I always knew, the blond woman was not his true love like it was depicted in the movie. I told him, I know where the other letters are. lol.

We were gonna go on a treasure hunt lol we were both pirates too.

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