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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Porn Industry

I personally haven nothing on the porn industry. It's a business like any other. Nor strip clubs etc etc.

After I left Mole Richardson, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I had some savings and I wanted to start another business. Something that would sustain me, long term. I asked my mother for advice and she directed me to her friend Cindy, who owned a Sex Toy ecommerce store.

I told my mother, I wanted to do something romantic, maybe with negligees. I went over to talk to Cindy and she told me negligees don't sell, If you want to make money in this business, you've got to sell Sex Toys. I was like ok. After all it was acceptable, Sex and the City, mainstream.

So, I built my own ecommerce store, called Romance In Your Life.

I put it on there, I advertised, I got sales. I just felt like shit. I had products on there that didn't even have pictures and people were buying. I felt like I compromised my intergrity. Everybody around me, was like it's ok, you'll make money. My mother, my neighbor, her friends etc etc. I thought it was ironic, I had women ask me for advice on how to use vibrators lol I've never used one, I couldn't help them lol.

I felt out of place, I felt like I didn't belong and nobody got me. Cindy, I found out, was involved with Scientology but she didn't pass their quals because she embezzled money from her employer.

If you want to do porn, sell it or do it, fine, but then don't knock me cause it turns me off. I don't even watch porn ok. The Tommy and Pam video tapes, I never watched it, I have no desire. I felt like everybody around me wanted me to convert, conform and be like them. I just didn't fit in with those people.

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