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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Past Life I was Dramatizing This Life

When me and Jon Mackinder were together, we came up with our own admin scale. We would come up the conditions as a team, together and the game we were gonna play was expand my business so we could get the money to start other companies. One our own record company and our own movie studio.

During my metldown, I started singing and dancing and I said to Jon, Jett, let's dance lol. Jon read Mission Earth, all 10 books and he told me, every December he would read the books again. So I was like, let's play a game. I didn't realize it then but I wanted Jon Mackinder to be Jett, my soulmate.

In my past life, pre earth where I was a fulltime artist, I had a huge musical, movie drama rama family. I was born into it. My father in present time was my father in that life. We had a huge family. Me and Jett met young at a meet and greet. He brought his younger brother Nikki Sixx. It was just the two of them. Jett and him came into my family and our business.

I was really young when I started my career, the promo circuit, bars, malls, anything and everything.

Backstory, in present time, when my dad was still alive in 6th grade, I did a talent show, more on that later.

My father started his journey before I was born in that life. He was security for my mother Stevie Nicks. I got confirmation on her too, she loves fairies as much as me and also believes in past lives.

I was dramatizing her mock up when I was in the Sea Org in 1991. White lace, skirt and corset. I had both colors, white and black.

She told me, how she knew my father was the one. He saved her life and it wasn't on her dime. She was already in the music business. It was his day off and he saved her life and brought her to the hospital. He stayed by her side, never left, wanted to make sure she was ok. She told me, she knew in the hospital, that day that he was the one. She loved him but wasn't sure if he was using her for money. His actions proved to her, he really loved her. He asked her later to marry. They didn't have sex until their wedding night.

She was a great mom. We were on the same page about everything. She encouraged and supported my dreams and my profession as a fulltime artist. She inspired me. She also taught me, how important it was to give back to my husband, no out exchange including musically. He writes me a song, it's totally ok to express my feelings and write him back a song too. And there will be times I write a song first and he will write me back one too lol.

I met Jett again when he had his band. To collaborate, a musical duet. Just me and him.

In the studio sparks flew.

He started writing music and I started writing music too. We started communicating to each other from a distance.Our songs and videos lol I kinda looked like this but not lol I had platinum blond hair lol I was dramatizing this mock up when I was at Hanover.

He didn't look like that ok, no mustache but had dark hair, muscles lol He was major masculine all the way. We were all grown up and ready to get married and start our family. We were taking a break from pysch ops, to chill out and have our middle class heaven. Senior management broke their word, their agreement and betrayed us. We wanted our middle class heaven and we got it lol. Despite them and their bullshit, their out ethics etc etc. We waited for new management to come in and get it lol

We did a huge chase. Major. For the whole worlds to see.

My father was very strict. He saw Jett coming a mile away in slow motion lol.

So we eloped lol

He got over it and made Jett and his brother sign contracts lol. Record Contracts lol. They came into our family and our business. Both.

My father mobbed it out. He ran the record company along with my uncle Elton John. My father loved his brother but couldn't get past the fact he was gay. We were all catholic.

Our family was where bikers met the mob lol. Even the roadies were our family, we adopted them.

My father mobbed it out but he wasn't a suit guy at all. He looked good in them but for the most part, he was casual. Jett and his brother fit right in. Everybody was in contracts and if you broke your contract, we didn't go to court lol nope. My father's boys would stop by and say hello lol.

At family dinners, holidays, we'd have a huge thing, it was banquet style ok. And one time, a big ole fight ensued. My mom put her foot down, she was pissed. So all the men took it outside and went at it lol. No police. We never involved the police in family shit. For the most part, my father and Jett, kept us in a bubble, we let them wear their hat as men and they let us wear our hat as women lol We just created art, great art and made a shit load of money for our family. It was a great life.

In present time, one of the ideas I had for a movie was My Soulmate is Gay. In present time, I got confirmation on Elton, his play, same concept, same title. He also started his own record company.

In that life with my dad, he ran the record company and my uncle was below him. My father loved music.

Later as we got older my father started a movie studio with my older brother Vin Disel, he ran the movie studio. After my induced meltdown. I saw Pitch Black and there was a scene in that movie and that scene inspired this poem My copyrights are off on this poem, I was spinning on copyrights, royalties.OT 3. When in doubt, go to your basics lol Copyright holder, author lol.

I realized that when I created my graphic novel, on my journeys, I wanted to have it made into a movie. On my journeys I realized, it's ok cause I'll keep the story line with me lol. And in another life, in the future if me and Jett decide to play the entertainment art game, then it can be made into a movie and all rights, royalties etc will be for my family, my children. Here, in present time, I realized The Weinstein Company would pervert it and my father would be really really upset. It would never jive with my father in present time, nor any of my fathers that are here in present time that I have never met lol. This not getting made into a movie, was the best thing that ever happened to me. Great promo though, it will be a for sure hit lol

Updated October 12, 2012

One of my children, my daughter was Lady Gaga, my daughter was hard to handle, so she grounded herself in the non profit organization we set up, the orphanage. When she needed space, relaxation, she went to the orphanage, to help, be a normal human being. There she met her future husband. He was a nobody, he was an orphan and decided he wanted to run the place. She fell in love with him but he wasn't interested until she mellowed out. She eventually gave up her wild ways and settled down. They got married. She was extremely happy. He showered her with real love. She was his goddess.The family approved, he was a good guy.

My sister in law in that life was Madonna and her daughter Pink was my niece. She would come over when she needed to get away from her mother. After Madonna and Sixx left our family and family business, they went their separate ways. Me and Madonna patched things up to a degree. Her daughter would come to me and my daughter would go to her. We put the past behind us. Madonna and Sixx followed me and Jett into psych ops next life. They were both paired up together, the biker crowd. They were both one lifers in that game. They broke the rules, had sex on the job and she died. He went nuts and went down the wrong path, for me it was fine, it opened the door for me and Jett to do our jobs. We saw the video of her and how she died. They made him watch it while they videod it. Real bad guys. Me and Jett did another crowd. He went nuts and decided to play Romeo and Juliette with Kourtney Kardashian. She was younger. He killed her. That was my in, to her father, Robert Kardashian, his heart was broken. So, I got that job and made a name for myself, thru his referrals. His upper clients. My stepping stones to where I needed to get to, to do my job.

Lady Gaga was to be my child pre OT3, after she died she picked up another body and was an implanter.

Pink was Jett's sister in psych ops, she was a cop on the ground floor that got killed by her psycho boyfriend. His father cried alot over her death. He drank alot because of his pain. His heart was broken. No grandchildren. My father was fine with it, he also had Jenna. His father from that life is here too, he is married in present time to my mother from psych ops days in that life. Both Republicans.

Updated Sunday, October 28, 2012

Me and Jett, we brought our fans into middle class heaven. Our entire musical journey, they came with us. My father's idea, so nobody would cheat, get lonely etc. Instead of two road trips one for each of us, we combined our shows into one, and merged, two for the price of one. It was a hit. Later when the kids came, we brought them on tour too. Each new kid, new album and a new tour. Our fans knew when I was gonna have a new kid, Jett, he'd put it in a song. We were predictible, they loved it, read our PR, it was a fun game for both the men and women. Our fans were stoked, we were happy, they were happy. We were all in middle class heaven, when you went to one of our concerts you walked away feeling great, feeling loved, part of a family. Lot's of outdoor concerts, bbq's bring your own, let's celebrate, a new kid is gonna happen LMAO. Jett was really romantic.

Updated Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jett's father was sad, because he had no grand children from his daughter and no great grandchildren from his grand children, his 2d line was cut. Perez never had kids, after him, he ran me so ragged that I didn't want any more kids. He was a handful to say the least. And of course, at some points, I wanted to kill him, litterly ok, but my mother talked me out of it when I would call her and bitch, I can't take his shit anymore, he would restim me ok, try to blackmail me ok. How he was gonna spill the beans and get his brother killed. We gave him everything and it was never enough for him, he just takes, takes, takes and never gave back. After a while I just dropped him off in the gay federation with friends, sleep overs, school, the whole nine yards, boarding school and me and Jett just wrote. He was ok with it. Just the two of us. I got Perez the hell out of my life. As he got older, he learned to zip it from his uncles and aunts in the gay federation LMAO. Me and Jett continued to write and do our other careers until we dropped our bods and back to psych ops we went. So, we really didn't get a happy ending in middle class heaven. Nope, nada, zip. And it was all Perez's fault, he's a little criminal. His dad wanted two more kids, girls ok. but because of Perez and his shit, I was not up for it. He was not conducive to our 2D, John was but not Perez. He loves to break up people's 2d's, he can't stand to see anybody happy and in love.


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