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My Story by Kathy Gold

The OT Levels

Are just confirmation in the physical universe, his case, his past lives and hatting, education, basically what it means. That's what people are paying for, the exchange, his research, his journeys to figure it all out, nobody else wanted to make that journey. So he did lol. Everybody else was too worried about their own mortality. Their death.

You had to be there, be part of his past lives to get it lol I was lol If you weren't there, it won't make sense to you, there were 300 billion people when the universe ended. It took a long time. It didn't happen overnight. Just like WW2, it took a long time to spread.

You have to be invited to do the OT Levels. You have to show that you will contribute to helping mankind, make this world a better place for non profit. After you attest to the state of Clear. I'm a past life clear. I went clear on Dianetics. My next action on the bridge was my OT Levels.

But they refused to let me in to AO, the Advanced Organization. The only church one can do the OT Levels. See my story, my side.

You can download the OT Levels for personal use, it's not a violation of copyright laws. Private individuals can download for personal use. The 1st amendment, freedom to practice religion in your own home. Try to make money off them, then it's for commercial use.

The only problem is, those OT Levels, that Jullian Assange had on his site before he went on his journeys lol. Are incomplete, it's only like 5%. There are tapes, lectures, his whole lifes work. And to be trained a class 12 auditor, you have to be a member of the Sea Org.

So I was going for the Holy Scriptures on both sides of the bridge including Class 12. I was gonna put them on servers out on abandoned oil rigs, Hosting, where some of the online gambling is hosted. No Laws of the Land Apply, The Way To Happiness.

So that anybody, anywhere at anytime all over the world could download them and obtain their spiritual freedom. I would have included how to do it, quickly for women too. Programs, steps etc etc. Help the indy field, to grow, expand.

But nobody was willing to take that journey with me. See Court and Justice. They only saw money. Oh well lol Not my problem. I'm a selfish bitch, see Simon Bolivar.

I took responsiblity for mankind already in all my journeys crossing the wall of fire. To you, I'm crazy for doing that, for doing the right thing. For me I now have cause over my exteriorization, my spiritual freedom, I've earned it. Can you say the same about yourself? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Nobody is willing to walk that walk, go down the path. So we are all leaving, and the rest of you will get left behind. Mankind is the 4th dynamic. We will all just cross the wall of fire in our own homes, nobody will ever know lol. You're not gonna stick us in the looney bin for applying our religion or control us for money or your petty bullshit or your missed withholds and crimes down the wholetrack, your past life transgressions etc etc.

And you will never get a release, you refuse to take responsibility and accountability for your transgressions in present time. You refuse to help mankind and only continue making the same mistakes, you don't learn from them but harbor ill will towards people of good will. Take that up with God, I'm not God.

Not that hard, get a dianetics book lol The rest do it yourself lol. MU's, oh well lol Apply Student Hat. Clear your words, etc etc

Highest Ethical and Moral Codes, Best of Best Elite lol. Or you will die. Those are the rules, don't like them lol take it up with God. I'm not God.

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