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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Movie About The Founder

This is the biggest joke of all lol. Sure it will be a hit if it's free, online lol Harvey Weinstein should give it away to the internet audience cause he got taken for a ride by this movie maker.

Harvey loves controversy to promote and market his shit but, unfortunately this movie is way off base. It's a lie, so easy to lie about a dead guy and one that's still alive lol. David Miscavige wasn't even born yet ok lol And Scientologists like me lol we're gonna laugh our ass off. They're gonna lose sooooo much fuckin money on this, at least $25 million promoting it, if not more lol but hey, it's an art film, right, the two things that you don't mix are sex and religion, it leaves a bad taste in people's mouths lol.

Harvey assumes it will be a hit cause Scientology is so controversial in the news lol Like this movie lol but nobody saw this one Michael Moore's movie was promoted and marketed like a documentary only he spliced shit together to make it appear his way, he used royalty free footage to distort the truth. I like documentaries that don't distort the truth but actually show it.

While bozo's like these guys actually believe this shit, lol the shit they are spewing lol we are gonna leave, cause at the end of the day, we have cause over our exteriorization and well, they don't and never will lol.

Too fuckin funny. They'll never see it coming lol in a gazillion years, but hey they are experts, you should listen to them, sheep btw Harvey lol Silence of the Lambs lol get it, sheep lol Keep em all busy, while we leave everybody behind. lol. A big round of applause lol.

And just for the record, Scientologists, real scientologists we're not facinated with the founder, non scientologists are, with what else, money lol

These idiot film makers, cookie cutter no talent hacks lol assume they're gonna ride on Tom Cruise's PR etc etc lol Real film makers, it's their passion, their love, it's in their heart and soul. Not DNA. We never put promotion and marketing before making the actual movie lol we just made the movies lol a shit load, called abundance lol Now it's all about getting the audience's money instead of actually telling a story. Oh well.

These artist's are on their way out, they are too old to be in the biz, they should have retired by now lol What a bunch of fools, I guess no new talent coming into hollywood, all the great talent left and we're not coming back. See you in another life uncle Harv, if you get off this fuckin rock lol.

Sometimes uncle Harv, we come back, to say goodbye. The long kiss goodbye. Who doesn't love Hollywood lol. Memories, I'll keep in my heart. It's too bad really, you would have loved my dad.

You know, I was keeping an eye on you too, I didn't understand why, I saw you in New York, looking sad and glum watching those fashion shows, you didn't belong there, you belonged back here, in the game.

So you got pulled back into the game, a game you love. You're good at what you do, don't worry after this movie bombs, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and carry on. You're a self made man, mob it out.

You didn't get to be who you are without doing what you love. And since we will never meet, here's a little secret lol OT3, you were my uncle, my mother's brother by DNA. You loved my dad, and he loved you too. You both had one thing in common, my mother. Don't ever change, how would I spot you lol and now they are trying to spin their own marketing, they know this movie is gonna tank, Harvey's trying to save it with his marketing dept. 1st rule, positioning, it's now stuck in the public's mind that this is an expose on Scientology, a movie about it, the crazy founder and the younger protege lol, without actually communicating that cause nobody wants a lawsuit but you know freedom of speech lol. computation went, crash 2008, no movie funding, only one got it, got that green light, anderson, Scientolgy, anons, jullian assange he's a genius but now in 2012 it's a whole nother playing field, assange looks like he's going to jail and anons, boring, fizzle, they've lost their steam. But hey, Harvey's still got Quentin Tarantino. The indy film movement is officially dead and gone. What will be the next new big movie, I say stick with George Lucas, he's a for sure thing lol. btw he was top brass of psych ops crew for the fleet, navy in a galaxy far far away lol.

Update September 16, 2012

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