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The Main Reason David Miscavige Didn't Handle This

March 15, 2013

He didn't do amends or restitution is because he wanted to play Simon Bolivar with me. Per the reports online, he wanted everything LRH had. LRH aka Jett is my wholetrack 2d, my soulmate LMAO.

It's slim pickens up at int and you have to be qualed or qualified to go up there LMAO. Not everybody is qualified. Take Tiffany for example, one of the Bridge Babes, she had a sexual encounter with another woman, that out qualed her to go up there. That was back in 1991. I'm sure if she really wanted it, she would have to produce in abundance and petition. It's not an automatic in. She would have to show that she wasn't 1.1 covert hostility, or sabotage. She was really there to be part of that group instead of creating drama rama in the workplace.

He was either gonna bring me back into their fold and bring me up to Int to handle their web department, SEO, ecommerce, make their online books sales boom, like I did at bridge, my stats LMAO.

His back up plan, to make me his mistress aka girlfriend, no marriage, no public records, nothing to trace so it would never show up in the papers, the news, the media LMAO. He's following in the founder's footsteps. Towards the end of the founder's life, he went up the coast, to his ranch. LMAO He was a pirate ok. All pirates retire by the sea, the ocean.

In his plan, he's gonna move his office's down there and was hoping I would have a relationship with him, live down the street and give him a kid, so he would have at least one heir, outside of his environment, you know cause he's COB, Chairman of the Board.

That was his plan, not mine. He's still hoping things will change LMAO. David, I'm not interested. I've already run out my past lives with you LMAO. You're one sick dude ok.

So, he won't ever do amends or restitution, court or not. I'm ok with that, I've moved on. If he was really a good man, and had no crimes in present time, meaning they made a mistake, he would have stepped up to the plate a long time ago. He had many chances to make change and take responsibility and accountability for his actions etc or ethics gradients.

So, while other people look for a way to blackmail this church like Gerry Armstrong, you know free money. The rest of us, we move forward and off this rock. Based on David Miscavige's actions, he really doesn't care about mankind, he never did. He just took over a church so he could be rich, money. Even the founder himself, lived a frugal lifestyle.

And we all, including mankind had nothing to compare LRH to, but now we do, thanks to Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder coming out LMAO plus I got to crack my case and solve a real crime etc etc.

David Miscavige is no LRH and no friend to mankind. He's just a dude that's using everybody because he can. He's a liar, a coward and a cheater.

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