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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Lie that My Religion Is A Cult

It's a religion because you apply it to your life. Just like any religion. We also believe in God, the 8th Dynamic, the Supreme Being.

I'm tired of the lies perpetuated in the press. This is a religion for people who believe in past lives.

If you don't believe in past lives, fine. But don't knock me, cause I do lol.

Now here's why the Government, the FBI looks at it both ways.

Down below, it's a church, confessionals, like the Catholic Church, when someone goes into a Catholic Church they give their confessionals to the priest. But our confessionals are past life confessionals.

Whereas in a Catholic Church, you can go in there and give them a confession of murder in present time, you can't with the Church of Scientology. You would be out qualed for services. Hence, Criminon, a non profit organization to help even people who committed murder in present time. Even killers can be reformed, and get to target 3. Believe me, my father's men, weren't little boys lol ok, No. They are stone cold killers, will kill you in your sleep lol. Major pirates, the good kind, they will have your back on the battlefield and never go out of present time thinking about some bitch they fucked lol. They're men, get it lol.

Past life confessionals can not be used against you in a court of Law or anywhere other than to blackmail you into submission.

Now the Int Management Base where RTC resides in Riverside County, that's a religious compound. But Celebrities have their own private villas built for them by David Miscavige.

Tom Cruise fucked Nicole Kidman up there. Ok, this is where the sacred tech is stored, the holy scriptures. Archives and he's also had access to them c/o David Miscavige. His carrot with Tom Cruise. The scriptures have been tainted by the act of Tom Cruise fucking his wife up there.

It's like any celebrity fuckng his wife up at the Vatican Archives, it's not done ok. All the priest are celibate, no fucking. No sex near the holy words. It can get corrupted and lost. Preservation.

If this religion was so important to David Miscavige, he never would have gone down that route. He cut the 2d line for the Sea Org for money, expenses, costs etc etc, back in 1986 after the Founder died.

The one thing all of us, have in common, we don't cut the 2d line nor fuck with it.

All the changes David Miscavige made violate the basic core beliefs of the Founder himself. There were no instructions given for replacement whereas God picks the Pope. He was at the right place at the right time.

Btw my father, loved the Pope, extremely religious Catholic man. He didn't cheat, he didn't even drink, and of course no drugs. His only vice, food and cigarettes. In Hungary, when it was a communist country he used to purchase tickets to the theatre and resell them at a profit lol My mother said he was a criminal for doing that lol I say, he was a capitalist lol. He was a soccer player, all the women loved him, he was hot ok. He was an aquarius and my mother a libra, similiar to John Travolta and Kelly Preston lol. Air signs. I'm fire, Ophiuchus.

Anyway up there it's a compound, groups gathering in a cult like manner.

see 4th definition of a cult: a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.

The FBI and other Law Enforcement agencies have found that people in religious groups tend to band together for their religion and most of the times will do the wrong thing, not pro survival actons like rape, out 2d, pedafilia etc etc. For the sake of their group. Basically not applying the Ethics book, our holy bible.

So up at Int Management, it's a cult, but down below, it's a religion. No more spin.

The issues with Germany, see The Jesse Prince Files lol x-files=psych files= trust no one lol

This time, it came from France, Viva Le France, Liberty or Death lol

Connecting dots, Jason Beghe his friend David Duchovny from Xfiles fame lol in present time, I did Krav Maga as part of my journey of what happened to me in Aug/Sept of 1998 and one of my instructors was Wade Allen, who married Annabeth Gish. End of dots lol

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