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I got another ticket on the way to a job interview, the cop told me I could do community service, cause I told him, I don't have the money to pay it.

So, now I get this fuckin ticket in the mail Citiation C237934 Issue Date 3/19/2013 Due Date 05/13/2013 Bail Amount $238.00

To go to traffic school will cost $302.00 plus the $238.00 and of course the traffic school itself, so that's over $500.00 I gotta pay ok.

Now, I don't have the money and I don't give a fuck about my insurance rates, see Mercury insurance and how they fucked me. I don't care if I become a criminal, I'm just a product of my environment, you made me who I am LMAO.

Don't worry, the psychs on payroll, can have this, it's a valid reason. Why are you people giving tickets to people looking for a job, what's wrong with that picture? It's an outpoint. Why do you people discriminate?

Now, I went online to do an extension, there is no fuckin room to do it, I get it you people want money. Don't have any assholes. So, how do I email you to do community service or go to jail to pay off this fuckin ticket? Cause I don't give a fuck about money, I'm currently working 2 jobs assholes, just to pay my fuckin rent, but you people have your fuckin pensions and your nice cushy jobs, you know Glendale PD get's $6300.00 salary for sitting on their ass plus a pension, I'd like to get that job, where do I apply?

Will you discriminate against me cause I'm 46? Hmmmmm lawsut and I'm sure the ACLU will take this case huh after all, that's all they ever fuckin do is go to court against the police. Same shit different day, no change in this society. It's a piece of shit society. You think you have power cause you have a job, try telling that to God.

So where is the taxpayer's money going? Who embezzled what? You're shit online is spinny, I asked for an extention, I got this? WTF?

This isn't handled by next week, this is going to the ACLU, lawsuit. Ok, I don't have time for this bullshit, the taxpayers pay for this shit, get it the fuck right.

Updated September 20, 2013

Correction, I paid this ticket it was a total of $302.00 not both. Ticketing everybody is not gonna help the city and LAPD's GI problem ok. I was at the plasma center in Woodland Hills, I got paid $50.00 to give blood, plasma, there's a story to that too, medical. Don't feel like going into it right now.

But talking to the nurse there, she told me about her ticket, she was pissed too. She was like that's all they are doing, tickets. I figured it out.

The outcome of increasing tickets, more and more pissed off people at the price, comparing to what it used to be, some will pop and get angry, grab a gun etc etc, some will give up and go into apathy, it's hopeless, useless and shrug their shoulders. Everybody is different, you have to let people go to jail and/or do community service as a way to pay the tickets. Not everybody is rich or can afford it.

The ACLU blew me off, that tells me they are waiting for something bigger, something more spectacular, more controversial to sue the LAPD for.


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